Nerd Sense Tingling


When I first saw this I thought Obama was trying to update his logo, and then I realized THEY ARE REMAKING RED DAWN!!! It’s set to be released next September.  This time however the menace isn’t the Soviets but the Chinese.  Now before  people go off complaining that China isn’t likely to try to invade the US, shut up, it’s a movie.  We know that already, it’s called a fictional story for a reason.  Also  before you start complaining that the Cold War is over, shut up, we know, but Communism is still evil and it is still around.  Another thing is that people will call the original and this one “Anti-Communist Propaganda”, yes, yes it is, who cares 90% of all movies made in the last 30 years have been propaganda, you’re just angry because it’s not on your side.


OK, on with the other things.  THEY ARE REMAKING RED DAWN!!!  I have mixed feeling about this, I loved that movie and the nerd and child in me is worried that they are going to fuck this up like Hollywood has done with so many other things.  There is some good news though.  While they are still using the same concept of the original as a fight against communism, they not trying to do a complete remake, and there are ways to do this and still make a really good film that doesn’t destroy the original work.  Also since it’s a different story and is just using the same concept, this might at least stop most of teh interweb nerd fights about what is or is not Cannon that happens over every other remake or movie based on a book or comic book.  We will however still have to listen to the incessant bitching about how “the original was better” that you have to hear constantly every time a remake happens, but to be fair if a nerd was ever truly happy you can rest assured that either  Cthulhu is only moments away from destroying us all or some other apocalyptic event is about to take place like a zombie outbreak or the Final Battle between Heaven and Hell.  Just remember you have to plan for these things since by the time you find a happy nerd in your basement it’s already too late.

Another good thing is that George Lucas has absolutely nothing to do with this movie so there is some hope that it won’t be a two or more hour long raping of everything that was good about my childhood, just like all of his movies have been since the Phantom Menace first walked out of the shadows with a gun and mentally sodomized the collective childhoods of the viewing public.

Seriously George Lucas should be arrested for Crimes Against Humanity!

Anyhoo, THEY ARE REMAKING RED DAWN!!! Granted there is a 99% chance that this movie will suck but I’m used to disappointment and all I’m really hoping for is that it’s not so bad that I feel someone tried to murder what is left of my childhood.

God I’m such a nerd…



Yes, yes I did.



  1. Terrible – the contrasting red against black and white… who wouldn’t. Color theory’s great…

    What else in that picture would grab your attention? It’s just a picture of my future ex-girlfriend after she pulls down her pants and reveals her granny panties. Erection fail? Go play some Nintendo instead.

  2. With an entire planets worth of free porn on the internets why do you need to come here to get an erection?

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