Capitalism Does Have a Down Side: Michael Moore Got Rich

I don’t know if this quote from Michael Moore should be considered one of the biggest lies ever told or one of the stupidest things ever said, probably both:

“capitalism did nothing for me, starting with my first film.”

Um right, so you have made millions of dollars through what then?  Capitalism has made you a ton of money, not only that but it let you make money making films and writing a book where you talk about how bad Capitalism and America are.  You didn’t even need real facts when you did it you just made shit up and edited videos to make things look different then they really where when you couldn’t get what you wanted.  So I guess Capitalism does have a down side.   The guy is shameless, although at least he is usually slightly better at lying then this,  seriously what the hell? Really, Capitalism did nothing for you?

It’s almost funny, well it is.  It just would be funnier if people didn’t actually buy this guys bull shit, Moore is a liar and a hypocrite, and through Capitalism he has made a lot of money being a liar and a hypocrite, so I he is almost correct and Capitalism does have a down side, him.

I loved this movie.


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