News Roundup For The Insane

When In Doubt Always Make Up A Zionist Conspiracy:

“Honduras’ fallen leader told The Miami Herald he is being subjected to mind-altering gas and radiation — and that `Israeli mercenaries’ are planning to assassinate him.”

Um really? I know this plays with certain crowds but so does bestiality and I try to stay away from both.  Seriously what reason could Israel possibly have for getting involved in an assassination plot on this guy?  I know a lot of people might not know this but the book “Protocols Of the Elders Of Zion” was not real, a hoax, you know a bold faced lie?

What I want to know is why anyone with a brain supports this guy?  I know people still love Communism and love to suck up to dictators, but I don’t consider most of them smart, and the ones that are I consider evil, either way we are not dealing with the cream of the crop here.  Zelaya violated the Constitution he was supposed to protect and was making an attempted at voter fraud and now we can add anti-semitism and insane conspiracy theories to the mix.

People Love Them Some Child Rape:

Roman Polanski drugged, raped and sodomized a 13 year old child. On top of that he admitted to it and was tried and found guilty, but before he could be sentenced he fled the country.  Now we have a ton of Hollywood assholes, the Foreign version of Hollywood assholes and politicians defending the guy and signing a petition to free him.  That’s a good thing only in that I now know whose movies and TV shows I will never watch again.  I wish I could say I was surprised but the fact is it’s Hollywood and politicians, and we already know they are mostly all scum, but really they could at least try to hide it a little.

He drugged, raped and sodomized a 13 year old Girl!!! Some people said he already paid for his crimes.  How?  Really did he pay his “I’m Sorry I Violated A Child Fine” otherwise known as “Paying Off The Victim”?  Did he go to jail?  Did he get taken out back and shot in the head like all child rapist deserves?  NO, NO and FUCKING HELL NO!  He didn’t pay for shit!   The New York Times isn’t even defending Polanski, and they defended Stalin!

Kids Can’t Ride a Bike to School:

“Saratoga Springs board to consider modifying ban on riding bikes to schools.”

Really I lived in Saratoga Springs  at one point and I hate the State of NY with a passion but I would not call Saratoga Springs a very dangerous place unless you are a degenerate gambler and at the horse track.  Really nothing happens there – other than a DUI every once in a while or a pot bust down at Skidmor Collage –  so what the hell is wrong with riding a bike to school?  Really I don’t give a crap about how eco-friendly a bike is, that’s not the issue, it’s about personal freedom and it’s not a safety issue since:

“Route 9 is a state road also called Maple Avenue. The suburban thoroughfare is busy with cars and businesses. It has crosswalks and wide shoulders, but no bike lanes.

The accident rate on the road near the school is less than the statewide average for similar streets, and no bike accidents have been reported in the last three years ending Feb. 1, according to Mark Kennedy, regional traffic engineer at the state Department of Transportation.”

Really no bike lanes?  That’s bad, pay no attention to the fact it has large streets that are safer than average as well as  large sidwalks, the place most kids ride their bikes on, so what is the problem?  Seriously this is stupid. The town might be is boring as hell but it’s safe.  If a kid wants to ride his bike to school let him.

Please Let The Murder Capital Of the World Host the Olympics:

So Chicago wants to host the Olympics and the Obamas want to help.  Yey!  I could spend all day talking about how much of a shit hole Chicago is and how corrupt it is, but it’s not like Chicago is that bad a choice considering the fact that Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and China hosted the Olympics, so really go for it. It will be fun for the people of Chi-town to take in the culture of other countries then rob and kill them.  The only real reason I would rather it not be in Chicago is that is would make the Obamas happy, and don’t they have better things to do, like make sure there are enough troops in Afghanistan? Now watching all the participants in the 100 meter dash get mugged for their running shoes in the middle of the meet would be funny as hell but really is it worth it?

Anywhoo, Please just don’t have it in Tokyo, I like here and it’s crowded enough and I don’t want to deal with a ton of people from every other totalitarian shit hole coming to my nice little city.  Yeah I know it brings in money and other things but really I don’t care about the Olympics, have no plans on watching any of it and don’t want to deal with the assholes who always plan on using the Olympics as political propaganda for their countries.

Please Pay No Attention To Organ Harvesting, Mass Murder Of Millions, State Sponsored Oppression, Laogai, Or Tibet:

“New York is seeing red over the decision to turn the city’s highest beacon — and one of America’s symbols for free enterprise — into a shining monument honoring China’s communist revolution Wednesday night.”

Really?  We want to honor China?  Granted I love Chinese food as much as the next guy but come the fuck on people. China is a brutal Communist Totalitarian state (yeah I know that is a little redundant but it’s still true), why are we honoring them.  Do we want to honor North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, and Sudan too?  Might as well.

Just in case you didn’t know Laogai is Chinese for Gulag.

I’m Worried Someone Might Be Enjoying Themselves:

“A Dallas woman has filed a lawsuit seeking six figures from a former neighbor and landlord for damage she says was caused by cigarette smoke wafting through adjoining walls of her high-end townhome.”

Really it’s coming through the wall?  You either live in the biggest craphole building known to man or you are an annoying busybody that needs to be slapped.

“A manager and attorney for Estancia Townhomes, a 52-building community near Prestonwood Country Club in North Dallas, said it’s unlikely the Daniels sustained any smoke damage. There is a solid, two-hour fire wall from the foundation to the roof between each of the homes.

And even if some smell did seep through, the Daniels renewed their lease at Estancia – where smoking is permitted – six months after they say the problem began.”

So wait, she knew smoking was permitted in the building and not only did she sign the lease in the first place you even renewed the thing?  Yes smoking is bad but so is being an stupid annoying cunt!
The Annoying Crybaby “also filed a complaint under the Texas Fair Housing Act, alleging that her sensitivity to cigarette smoke qualifies her for protection set aside for people with disabilities.

The complaint is being reviewed by Dallas’ Fair Housing Office.

First Assistant City Attorney Chris Bowers said a garden-variety reaction to cigarette smoke – puffy eyes, runny nose, coughing – would probably not meet the standard set by the law, a severe limitation of a major life activity.

“Not just anybody will be able to say smoking has that effect, and that’s one of the things our Fair Housing Office will investigate,” he said.

“It’s safe to say most people do not suffer the degree of impairment this person alleges from cigarette smoke.”

Chris Daniel has been treated by an allergist and an internist, according to court records, and was prescribed two inhalers.

Dr. Barbara Stark Baxter (a quack), a clinical associate professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center (a place who will hire anyone no matter how crazy, I assume), wrote that Daniels “qualifies as disabled under the Texas Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (because everything is now a disability because it makes people money, and they want it, and have no soul).”

She is disabled because of smoke next door.  Yeah fucking right!

Things in Italics are mine, and everything I said was an opinion so it’s not slander and I can’t get sued buy idiots, or people I think are idiots…

Shouldn’t You Worry About the Gang Problem First:

“Looking to prevent your home from becoming a tagger’s canvas? The city of LA has a plan that asks homeowners to pitch in or pay — whether they want to or not.

All new buildings in Los Angeles — including homes — must have anti-graffiti coating under an ordinance approved unanimously by the City Council on Tuesday. Homes in the tagThere is an exception if the owners promise to remove any graffiti on their property soon after it appears.”

I know Grafititi sucks but really not only does this cost people more money in a city that is already expensive as hell but shouldn’t you be more worried by the fact that the city of LA has 5 gang members for every non-gang member and that’s including the 2 billion illegal aliens (well 1 billion because the other billion are gang members)?

Really, can we just push California off into the ocean and let them be their own country so we don’t have to deal with their shit anymore?

Remember You Can Trust A Bureaucrat With Your Kids Better Than The Friends You Have Known For Years:

“IRVING TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Each day before the school bus comes to pick up the neighborhood’s children, Lisa Snyder did a favor for three of her fellow moms, welcoming their children into her home for about an hour before they left for school.

Regulators who oversee child care, however, don’t see it as charity. Days after the start of the new school year, Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that if she continued, she’d be violating a law aimed at the operators of unlicensed day care centers.

“I was freaked out. I was blown away,” she said. “I got on the phone immediately, called my husband, then I called all the girls” — that is, the mothers whose kids she watches — “every one of them.”
Snyder’s predicament has led to a debate in Michigan about whether a law that says no one may care for unrelated children in their home for more than four weeks each calendar year unless they are licensed day-care providers needs to be changed. It also has irked parents who say they depend on such friendly offers to help them balance work and family.”

Really she watches her neighbors kids for an hour before school to help out, no one is getting paid for this.  What the fucking hell is wrong with that?  What is the State angry that there are still decent people in this country that want to help their neighbors, or are they angry because every second those kids aren’t in the States control is another second they don’t have power over another humans life?

Detroit qualifies as a Third World Country and has a literacy rate well below most, and the state is worried about kids hanging out at a responsible and loving neighbors house before school?  I’m glad I didn’t grow up in Michigan, my parents and all my friends parents would have gotten the electric chair for as much time as they spent watching all of us.

I hate it here…


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