Is Making Fun Of Obama That Hard?


From an article about political comedy from Time:

“For eight years they had enjoyed a comedic gift from the gods in George W. Bush”

You would think that if it was a comedic gift the comedians would have had more than one joke.  Yes it was only one joke it might sound a little different each time but the punch-line was always “Bush is stupid”.

Then the article goes on to talk about how hard it is to write jokes about Obama?  Really?  It’s that hard?  Come the fuck on people, it’s not hard, I do it all the time and it’s not even my job!  Granted the article does admit much of the reason many comedians are not cracking jokes about Obama is for partisan reasons, but if I’m not going to accept the BS from the media why would I accept it from comedy?

More fun from the article:

“I’m not hearing a ton of political stuff,” says Kevin Flynn, a New York–based stand-up who has a couple of Obama jokes in his repertoire but, like a lot of his colleagues, is still feeling his way along with the change in Administrations. But he doesn’t think there’s cause for alarm. “The first six months of Bill Clinton–and George Bush too–nothing much happened that could be made fun of. Everybody is waiting for Obama to do something or for the winds to change. It hasn’t happened yet.”

I understand what he is saying to a point but it’s been over six months and a lot has happened to make a lot of fun about.

Obama trying to sell his health care bill and brings up the Post Office?

Teleprompters and what happens to Obama the second he doesn’t have one?

Cash For Clunkers?

Obama riding a bicycle with a flat tire while wearing mom-jeans?

Joe Biden? Yes not Obama but everyone already knew he was crazy when Obama picked the guy.

No one in the government reading the bills they vote on, and Obama signing bills neither he or anyone else has read?

Obama going to Europe to apologize for America, a place that would be either owned by the Soviets or the Nazis if it wasn’t for America?

Obama talking about Gates getting arrested, admitting he didn’t know any of the details about it, then launching off into condemning the police?

The thing Obama claimed was a dog?

His pot and cocaine use?

The fact his Mother, Father and half his friends are/were communists?

The Obama fan-club?

His longwinded speeches where he says nothing?

His inability to handle dissent?

Obama smacking his head off Marine One, then walking into a glass door?

The fact that half of the people he picked for his Cabinet didn’t pay their taxes, after his VP pick said paying taxes was a patriotic duty?

The fact he spent his entire time in government running for the next higher office and never accomplished anything and the fact his own wife admitted it?

All the transparency he always talked about?

Obama-Joker?  Wait never mind that one is “racist”…

Wait, screw that, the fact that every time someone disagrees with Obama they are a racist, even if it’s supposed to be a “Post-racial America” and we are talking about policy issues that have nothing to do with race and have always been around?

Hell you can make a joke about comedians not being able to make a joke about Obama.

It’s so easy a caveman could do it, well unless the Caveman’s Union beats him up to make sure he doesn’t talk…

obama carterobama_base

Really… Nothing?

I hate it here…


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