Why Is This Illegal?

The real headline should be:

“Man Tells Scum What Scum Needs To Hear”

“Charles W. Papenfus, 43, of Fostoria, Ohio, allegedly told a sales representative during a May 18 telephone call that he would burn down the building and kill the employees and their families. He was indicted for making a terrorist threat, a Class D felony; and he could be sentenced to up to four years in prison if convicted.”

Really for threatening a telemarketer, the scum of the earth, OK that’s a little harsh they are not as bad a politicians or Scientologists but they are still pretty bad.  Plus it was one of the people from those scams where they tell you your car warranty is going to expire so they can trick you into getting their “extended warranty “.  You know the ones, the people who no matter how many times you tell them to take you off the list and stop calling they still do three times a day for weeks on end.

4 years in Jail? You have got to be kidding me?!  I would understand if they gave him a warning maybe an hour or two of community service but 4 years in jail is a little stiff for threatening scum like a telemarketer, you might as well arrest people for threatening a gang member or drug dealer.  Seriously the company the telemarketer works for is under indictment for fraud and she was trying to scam him out of money, that and she was the one that started the argument and started calling him names and you wonder why he gets pissed off enough to say something wrong.  The telemarketer is the one who should be in jail right now.

I’m not saying you should got out and threaten telemarketers but I’d be lying if I told you I haven’t said worse things to the bastards.



  1. The Prosecutor in this case Ed Postawko is the same guy that refused to prosecute the invatory control guy at the same workhouse (Robert Mason) after he raped a man (Authur Reed) being held at the same workhouse Mr. Papenfus is being held at. Please call Mr. Postawko and let him know how you feel about his performance 314-622-4941.

  2. I can understand where he’s coming from, what i’ve done is keep telling them, ‘not interested’ and stop answering the phone or screen the calls. I also tell them i don’t want to save money, that i like paying extra for shit and i don’t like good deals. It seems to keep them at bay.

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