Former Honduran President Mel Zelaya planned on rigging the vote in his referendum.

A Catalan newspaper is reporting that computers seized by the Honduran authorities from the disposed President show that he was planning on rigging the voting for his unconstitutional referendum to change the constitution so he could run for a second term.  I have linked to a blog about it because the original has still not been translated into English in any major news source at this time, although the blogger did do a rough translation of the article.*

This is the rough translation taken from the Babalublog:

“Several computers containing the results of the referendum Zelaya wanted to conduct are seized at the Presidential Palace

The National Directors of Criminal Investigation seized various computers from the Presidential Palace that had recorded the supposed results of the referendum to reform the constitution that the deposed leader, Manuel Zelaya, was planning to conduct on July 28, the day he was removed from office.

The official investigation now deals with the possible crime of fraud and falsification of documents due to the fact that some of the certified voting results had been filled with the personal information of individuals that supposedly participated in the failed referendum that did not take place because of the coup.

One of the district attorneys that participated in the operation that took place this Friday showed reporters an official voting result from the Technical Institute Luis Bogran, of Tegucigalpa, in which the specific number of people that participated in table 345, where there were 550 ballots, 450 of which were votes in favor of Zelaya’s proposal and 30 were against, in addition to 20 blank ballots and 30 ballots, which were nullified.

The seizure took place on the third floor of the building attached to the Ministry of the Presidency that had been rented to the ex-minister of the Interior, Enrique Flores Lanza. The deputy district attorney, Roberto Ramirez, declared this area as a “crime scene” and, although he did not want to provide further details, said that further evidence had been found that could be categorized as crimes of fraud, embezzlement of funds, falsification of documents, and abuse of authority.”

So not only was the Referendum Unconstitutional under Honduran law but Zelaya was planning on rigging the vote in an attempt to keep and maintain power.  So I know I said this before that Obama needed to stop supporting Zelaya and start supporting the Honduran people and their legal government, but we need to say it again.  Obama Stop supporting a man who planned on stealing an election and installing himself as a “President for Life” and support the Honduran people and their Constitution!  Why is the American media silent about this?  It’s big news, how come the only people talking about this in English are the bloggers while the MSM remains quiet?  This is a failure on the part of all the American news organizations not to mention any other English language news organizations that this information has been out there since Friday and none of them picked up the story.  I live in Japan and I can get this information why can’t they?  They can’t all be hiding it to help cover for Obama’s, the UN’s and OAS’s support of Zelaya.


*If anyone has a better translation or has a link to an official translation please send it in the comments section.



  1. why is this no surprise? That Obama is backing this man is evidence for me of his own authoritarian leanings.

  2. Who knew ACORN had an Honduran office…

  3. @melo – hahahahah!

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