Fun from Honduras

This video sums up what really happened in Honduras, it wasn’t a coup like the media has been saying, the military never took power.  So why is Obama backing Zelaya? Now I know why Castro and Chavez are backing him but why Obama?

Obama claimed that the action of the Government and military of Honduras was illegal however as Hans Bader noted in his article on the subject:

“Obama is quite wrong to claim that the removal of Zelaya was “illegal.” The Honduran president forfeited his right to rule under Article 239 of the Honduran Constitution, which bans presidents from holding office if they even propose to alter the constitutional term limits for presidents.  And the Honduran military, which acted on orders of the Honduran supreme court, expressly had the right to remove the president for seeking to alter the constitutional term limit, under Article 272 of the Honduran Constitution, as even left-leaning commentators have now admitted.  The Honduran military’s role in enforcing the court order does not make it a “coup” anymore than federal troops’ role in enforcing the court-ordered integration of the Little Rock public schools in 1957 constituted a military occupation or takeover.”

So why is Obama backing Zelaya?  Now me being me and my dislike for Obammers I’m chalking this one up his his fondness for left wing thugs (Ayers wring any bells) and his inability to give a shit about Constitutional Law (most of what his administration has done so far, like the bail outs).   The Black Commenter’s idea on the subject of why Obama would back Zelaya instead of the Honduran people is this:

“Now we know that Obama’s fondness for unconstitutionality isn’t simply home grown.  In Latin America, long known for breeding “president’s for life” (and not in the good sense of being “for life”) the Honduran people wised up some years ago and created a constitutional barrier to just such an eventuality.”

The idea is that if Obama does not give a crap about our Constitution why would he care about the Honduran one, or the true will of the people.   He cares about power and those who have it even if they flaunt it and abuse it, not the people or the law, especially when the law gets in the way or a “leaders” dreams.

But maybe we are wrong about Obammers, maybe he’s just an idiot who doesn’t bother to read up on what is really going on before he starts shooting his mouth off.  Either way Obama needs to step away from his backing of Zelaya and start backing the people of Honduras in their fight against tyranny and the attempted destruction of their Constitutional Rights.  If he can’t or won’t do this the idea that Obama really does not care about Constitutional Law  would have been proven correct.

What the Honduran Government did was the right thing, they followed the Constitution and we cannot lose and ally in the Honduran people, and in South America.  Yes I know it is a small poor country but they need the world to support them and their Rights in order to grow and succeed in the world rather than spiral downward into one more third world despotism.

H/T to Doctor Bulldog and Ronin for the video.



  1. Ulysee Grant (I hope I spelled that right) I am almost sure I didn’t however it is not the point I mean to make. He once stated the there was a group of people so sinister, so wicked and evil that to even make mention of them could mean death. If the American people would do some research on secret societies and just what they do and who they worship (SATAN) they would learn that like their master they are masters at deception. It is time for Christians to stop cutting cookies and start being warriors. Jesus often comes and talks to me and this is a revelation and conversation we had. I dreamed one night and in my dream it was my hand holding the pen but the Holy Spirit was doing the guiding. (IT WAS AWESOME) JESUS IS COMING! Is what was written. The next day after school I came home and asked Jesus to open me up to where it was I needed to read in His word. I do this as I am just now learning the word of God. Or it was so back in 2008. I am still learning because I am only recently overcoming demonic mind control. (That is another story) I was born into the bloodline of the Illumanti. Again another story as I am trying hard to complete the book Jesus spoke to me. Back to the revelation conversation. I was opened to the of Jeremiah the very beginning and I began to read. I could not stop as I knew Jesus had something for me. I never read an entire book in one sitting but i was. What I noticed was how many times God desired to repent of the wrath He was getting ready to pour out on His people. I finished and knew He was here with me. I asked, “Jesus when are you coming?” He said, “Rebekah only the Father knows that.” “Jesus do you think Christians are selfish people?” “Why do you ask?” Jesus’ response. He never asked me what I meant as He already knew. “Well Jesus, I said, more than anything when my time here is up I want so to spend eternity with you, please don’t come today as I am not so sure I would be one caught up as they say. But Jesus I don’t want to be in heaven without my children, grandchildren and brothers and sisters. Jesus I don’t want anyone to go to hell.” (I have been there so I know what I am talking about) Father did you not create the earth for us?” “Yes I did.” “Did you not say that the power of life and death were in the tongue? Then why is it so many churches speak such death and doom on the world? Jesus did you not say that we would do even greater things than you had done and did you not cast the legion of demons out of the man at the tombs making them go into the swine and then sent them over the cliff into the abyss? Jesus if you gave us power and dominion over the enemy why are we not defeating him?” “My people underestimate him Rebekah.” Notice He said His people. I then asked if I was wrong for not praying for His coming. The Holy Spirit then led me to the book of Amos (which I had never read) Chapter 5:18 is right where He opened me to. It reads: “Woe unto the man who prays for the day of the LORD; for what manner of day will it be for him? Does he not know the day of the LORD is darkness and in it there is no light. He then took me straight to Ezekiel chapter 22:29-30.For times sake; I looked for a man (Woman) to stand in the gap for the land that I should not destroy it but found none. I said, “LORD I would stand in the gap but I am not righteous.” “Your righteousness is of me Rebekah.” But LORD I am not studied in your word and there are many who are.” Rebekah it is important for man to study my word, but man cannot study ME. Somtimes men study too much and they miss the simple yet important things written in my word. IAM a GOD of MERCY not sacrifice.” Why has the church displayed such apathy? For one reason the Freemasons and Illumanti have infiltrated the pupits. Jesus did not die only to save us from our sins He died and gave us power unlike any power throughout the universe. Satan is defeated! When will we get that? Stop letting these Satanists into our Goverment. Know that true history and for that matter alot of truth concerning anything is not taught to our children in public schools. If everyone could see what is coming upon us as we have simply accepted defeat as I do I know more would start fighting for the world ALMIGHTY GOD created for us. Satan has not created anything. But I warn all who will hear many underestimate his power. I do not because it nearly had me destroyed and you can’t tell me the Greys, reptilian, and other aliens are not real. Just as no one can tell me Jesus is not real and that HE doesn’t at times come and sit with me and share things with me. Will the world listen especially when they hear where it is Jesus sent me and brought me from? I do not know but I pray it so. We can stop the madness. Will we?

  2. Obama is only a used pawn this mess we are in has been being brought about for hundreds of years. Sure many of them have done a few good things as they must just before they stick the knife in our back. Satan himself comes as an angel of light he does not ever come growling. Pray for me if you will for my protection as I am not afraid of those who would like to see me dead. Believe me I see them watching me often. My eyes are wide open the last two I noticed were in Wal-Mart as I shopped, just so you know I know. JESUS IS THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS! If God be for me who can be against me.

  3. Are you insane? Really what does anything you just said have to do with Honduras?

  4. letterstoadyingdream, Am i insane? NO I am not and what it has to do with HOnduras it has to do with what is happening world wide and why it is happening. I commend the people of Honduras for standing for their freedom I was only trying to point out how something much bigger than most people realize is at work here. What we may be able to do about it. You think this battle is with flesh and blood I happen to know it is not. You have a wonderful day.

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