GG Allin RIP 29 August 1956 – 28 June 1993


Well he died today in 1993 if anyone cares



  1. Looking at this picture makes you realize how much society approved of his behavior. It also makes me fill that if I don’t do something about substance abuse I might look all beat up in my casket on the dogs tooth day: Sh%T, F^ck,D@mm, C&nt, B**ch.

  2. I wouldn’t say society approved, they did throw him in jail at least once. It’s more like a small group of fans that approved or didn’t care. I don’t approve, but he did write some good songs. I’m probably going to hell for that though…

    And for the record next time you comment here you don’t have to censor yourself. Just get all the curse words out and it will be OK.

  3. gg allin rules

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