I don’t think D.C. likes to listen

Obama and the other political scum infesting D.C. don’t look like they are listening to people much these days.   The fun is that there is talk of a national sales tax of 10% or  Value Added Tax (VAT), now before the Fair Taxers get all happy it’s not to replace the atrocity that is the Federal Income tax and the IRS, no it’s another tax on top of all the other taxes the government takes out of us at gunpoint.  Yeah the country is broke, but last time I checked it the the governments inability to control it’s own spending, especially on things that are not mentioned as powers granted to them in the Constitution, that got us into this mess, and a VAT is not in any way even remotely Constitutional, but we all know that has never stopped Congress before.  Maybe Obama, and Congress need to stop spending money we don’t have and cut spending if they don’t have enough money.  But that wold make too much sense now wouldn’t it?  

 Trust me, the more people are taxed the less money they have to spend, the less money they have to spend the less money goes into the economy, the less money going into the economy, means the less money employers have to either higher new people or even maintain the people they have, meaning less people working, less people working means less money in the economy ect…  OK you get the point by now right?  And all this still means the government is still not going to get the money they want because well it just isn’t there, but they can try to raise that new 10% tax to 15% to make up the difference and the cycle starts all over again.  And I don’t want to hear that it’s going to be temporary, the original federal Income Tax was going to be temporary, and it’s still here, and don’t tell me it wont go up, because it will.    

Inters tingly enough I don’t really have a very big problem with the idea of a 10% sales tax, in fact if we totally scrapped the income tax for a 10% sales tax I would love it, this isn’t that, this is just another 10% tax on top of all the taxes we already pay.    

Remember only last month all the people that attended the Tea Parties across the country?  Remember what that was about, something about people being fed up with taxes?  Now we want to raise taxes even more to pay for every idiotic notion the bastards in D.C. can think up because they can’t figure out how to be financially responsible.  I know this is just something that’s being talked about right now and as of yet no one has tried to put it into a bill just yet, but I wouldn’t put it past the bottom feeders that make up the federal government.       

Just a little bit of historical trivia for the morons in Congress and the White House, this country was founder of a revolt over taxes, you might want to take a serious step back and think about this really hard before you do something even dumber than all the crap you have already pulled.  I’m not saying people are about to violently revolt, but there is only so much people can take before things might get interesting.    

Either way we get screwed into paying for politicians mistakes, the ones they made intentionally, in many cases knowing the consequences before hand.  Yep. it’s going to be a long four years.


I hate it here…


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