Bloggers to get jail time for Free Speech?


It’s sounds insane but members of Congress are trying to criminalize Free Speech, they introduced a bill that will allow them to throw bloggers in jail for speaking out against them.

“Under a recently-introduced bill, H.R. 1966, bloggers would face up to two years in prison if they “harass” public figures by criticizing them in a “severe, repeated, and hostile” manner, and thereby cause them “substantial emotional distress.”

Why they didn’t call this Free Speech raping, constitution ignoring, liberty destroying Bill, HR 1984 I don’t know but it would have been more honest, but if politicians were honest the guys that wrote the Constitution wouldn’t have had to include the Second Amendment so we could protect ourselves from politicians.  Back to the point, OK this kind of thing is what makes you want to cause a politician “emotional distress”, to call this bill unconstitutional is an understatement, the people who though this up would have been tarred and feathered by the people that founded our country.  This bill is directly from the desks and minds of Californian Democrat Linda Sanchez, and 14 of her Democrat friends, because they don’t like it when people use their First Amendment Right’s to speak out against them.  Why because they are scarred of free speech, all politicians are, especially the ones that want to take away your rights and control you.  The Interwebz is a great place for the sharing of information, and granted not all of it is correct, like a wikipedia article, or anything said on the Daily Kos, but the fact that these ideas can be shared and debated is what gives it power, and lets us make the world a better place, or a worse place in the case of the Daily Kos, but life isn’t perfect.  What Bloggers do is they hold the politicians accountable to the people, the Bloggers are the people,   unlike the MSM that has a tendency to roll over and beg for some politicians, if not whole parties at times.  The point is that while D.C. might have the MSM in it’s pocket, teh internets is a place they can’t control, and that’s what this is about, these people what to control you, what you think, feel, say, and do, they want you to be their slaves and Bloggers get in the way of that because they aren’t going to play like they are Pravda.

Look there is one thing to intentionally spread lies, but if you want to go after people that tell the most lies and spend the most time intentionally spreading lies, you would be going after the same people that the Bloggers are going after, politicians.  The thing is the constant harassment of politicians is the only thing that keeps them a little honest, we know politicians are scum, but how much worse to you think they will be when people aren’t around to hold them accountable anymore, lord knows the MSM isn’t doing it, they are just on partisan crusades when they aren’t downright lying.  It’s the Bloggers, well the good ones anyway, but life isn’t perfect, so you have the bad ones too.  The point is we have the right to speak out, the right to be heard, and if Linda Sanchez, and the 14 dwarves don’t like it they can go fuck themselves, just be happy that people only use the First Amendment on your little leach asses, the Second Amendment was made for politicians too.*

Yes it would be nice to have higher political discourse in this country, but if that’s not going to happen we can’t shut down all political discourse.  We need to protect our Rights, these politicians just want to protect themselves from the consequence’s of their own actions, they are scum, they know this so they want to make it a crime  for us to bring up the truth about them.  Once they take away our voice do you think they are going to stop there?  they have been slowly eroding our rights, and burning the Constitution for years, we know this, and they want to stop us from talking about it, they want us to stay quite while they enslave us!  This isn’t even a partisan thing,  if you can’t protect the Rights of all people you can’t protect the Rights of anyone, when one voice is shut down, trust me they will come for you next!

So will you speak out and hold these scum sucking politicians feet to the fire, or will you, a broken man, smile and love  Big Brother with all your heart!

* Not an endorcement of any sort of violence, it’s a simple historical truth.



  1. And you can safely bet that the only bloggers they’d go after would be the Conservative ones, and for holding them to account, which incidentally does cause tremendous distress to leftist politicians.

  2. It’s political, the people that want this just want to use it as a way of harassing their political enemies. All it is is a way for them to try to silence dissent and destroy debate. The sad thing is people only care when it’s their “side” that is getting screwed over, rather than look at the fact that what they will do to some of us they will do to all of us.

  3. thank you for this article, if it wasn’t for this article two year ago me and my boyfriend would have never got together!! bloggers are not all that bad!!

  4. Are you saying this post got you and your love together or the original article? Well if it was this post I’m glad I could help.

  5. Yes, this post, He had it as his status as something like “did you know you can end up in jail for blogging” I’d just started blogging and thought it was aimed at my status “check my blog…” and tried to argue with him, he ended up asking me out and we bin together two years this month… SO THANK YOU x

  6. Two years this month, but this article was written one year ago? I’m confused, but I’m usually drunk so that’s normal. It is really cute T. that you can hook up other people but can’t get yourself a date. How long have you had the Marriage Project going on here and how far has it gotten your sorry ass?

  7. Thanks Llama for always being kind enough to remind me of my failures, just remember the next time you need bail money or an alibi not to call me.

  8. Well, now i’m confused, as this was the article and im sure it was this site as he sent me the link and he has that picture as his dp… :s!! lol

  9. Well the picture on the header is Kakihara from the movie Ichi The Killer and the pic I use when I comment is Onizuka from the manga and anime Great Teacher Onizuka and I have been using them since I started the blog 2 years ago so that might be the reason you recognize them. Either way congratulations on the relationship.

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