UK vs. Savage

OK, so the UK banned Michael savage from entering the country, along with several other people who were all criminals, people who run real hate groups, or real terrorists.  I don’t listen to talk radio, my car has a CD player, better yet, I can hook up my iPod (Satan’s Jukebox), but I have on occasion heard Savage speak, he isn’t a hate group, well one person can’t be a hate group, but he isn’t a racist, hate filled terrorist. Yeah he might want to deport illegal aliens, but that isn’t hate, that’s called asking the government to start enforcing the law (it’s job).  Plus not all illegal aliens are “ethnic”, or the ethnics people care about for political reason anyway, some are just as white as Savage, he doesn’t give them a free pass does he?  Anyway, the real thing is that the UK wants to lump Savage in with people who promote and often carry out acts of violence, something Savage does not do and has never done, so why is he on this list?  Because they don’t like what he says, the PC Brits are terrified of Free Speech, and rational thought, if you don’t believe me you can check out some of the other things I have written about the Jolly Ol’ Shithole, here, here and here.

Does the UK have every right to ban people from entering their country?  Yes they do, it’s their little island Oceania over there and they can do what they want with it, doesn’t make it right, but it’s their right not to have any in their country, and in a couple years they wont have any rights left, well other than the “free healthcare” where they leave you in an ambulance for 4 hours at the front door of the hospital and let you die to save some money.   Setting aside the radical Socialists that run the UK, Britain is a breeding ground for Islamofascism, they don’t call it Londonstan for nothing, since Savage doesn’t make himself popular with Jihadies, the UK would rather ban him just like they did with Geert Wilders, because they are afraid of someone that is willing to speak out.  Jihadies who, much like a UC Berkeley student, gets violent the second they even think someone doesn’t agree with them.  So once again Britain poops it’s pants over free speech, since they don’t want to anger all the Jihadies in their country who already hate their guts and want them dead.  Granted unlike our Mohammedan friends, the Berkeley Kids don’t blow up stuff very often, they just use their parents’ trust funds on Valtrex and Womyn’s Studies classes (and other such courses that have no relation to ever getting a job or thinking).  They attack anyone who disagrees with them and refuse to shower; both groups however refuse to have a rational thought though.   Anyway, the whole reason Michael Savage can’t go to the UK is just some political stunt by the current bed-wetters in the UK government that don’t want to hear an opinion they don’t like.  He is against everything they like, sucking up to violent Islamic nut-jobs and Marxists, so he gets banned. 

My question for anyone is this, why would anyone want to got to the UK?  The half the country is being overrun by armed gangs, the other half is being overrun by angry Jihadies bent on recreating the Caliphate starting in Manchester, the only reason they have Jihadi clerics on the list is because the UK has so many of them already they don’t have any more room for them.  The cops don’t even pretend to try to stop crime anymore and the government thinks the book 1984 is a guidebook for better governmental practices. So why would anyone want to go to the UK? I have no idea.  

 The sad thing is that comments section in the article I read. I was amazed by the level of hate, OK it was San Francisco, the land no logic or shower could touch, but come on people.  People not only cheered this action but they wanted to ban Michael Savage from America, and they call people on the Right fascists.   If you don’t agree with him, or don’t like his show, don’t listen to it, you are free to turn on Air America and… Oh wait, is it still even around, well maybe it would be if you spent less time listening to Michael Savage, the guy you hate so much and changed the station to Airhead AmeirKKK, or whatever the hell that was.   Let me explain something to everyone free Speech is for everyone, not just for you, or people you agree with, it’s for everyone, and if you can’t understand that they are not going to take away one persons Right’s and not yours as well, you are going to wake up one day and it will be too late.    


Don’t even bring up the “hate Speech” BS, all hate speech is, is speech you don’t like, that’s it.  You would call something hate rather than actually have to debate the facts, or use logic.  It’s just how calling someone a Nazi has no meaning anymore, because people call anyone they don’t like and don’t agree with Nazis.  Same with Fascist, you don’t even know what that means, but you see it all the time, and half the time the people that are calling other people Fascists are acting just like Fascists when they do it. 

Also a word of advice, do not to call people a “reactionary”, it’s doesn’t send a good message, since that is usually what people were called instead of Thoughtcriminals right before they ended up in a Gulag.  If you are trying to pretend you’re not a communist you might want to stay away from using that term, if you are a communist go right ahead, that way we know where you stand. 



  1. He isn’t racist? He called Arabs “non humans” and “fascists”. I’d say that’s pretty racist.

    We don’t want to ignorant prick in the UK. Just like we don’t want Muslim Extremists. If you’re going to complain about Muslim Extremists, you have to complain about white racists, and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Keep him. We don’t want him.

    ” half the country is being overrun by armed gangs, the other half is being overrun by angry Jihadies bent on recreating the Caliphate starting in Manchester”
    – Armed gangs? I think i’ve seen that once or twice in our Daily Mail. I can honestly say, having spend a year living in the most violent part of South London, it was not overrun by armed gangs. I now live in Leicester, which has it’s rough parts also, and haven’t seen it overrun by armed gangs. Or angry Jihadies for that matter. Leicester has the largest muslim population in the UK, outside of London. Half the people I know, are muslims, who love this country. Great friends.

    Perhaps you should stop summing our country up with ridiculous notions you’ve read on right winged websites and newspapers.

  2. Perhaps I should stop summing up your country with ridiculous notions I get from reading your own News reports. Or are the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Times Online really just “right winged” websites? And even is they are right wing does that make the news the report wrong?

    So you have a few friends that don’t want to kill you, good, but that doesn’t mean that the other guys down at the mosque don’t want to, just tell them you’re a Jew and see how long you guys can be friends.

  3. I wouldn’t want to go to the UK either Letters, unless i wanted to live on welfare or liked paying a lot of tax to useless parasites.

    I heard that Savage is going to sue them, i hope he does. This actually came out of the office of that leftist shitbag jacqui smith, she has a litany of stupidity to her name.

    “Or are the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Times Online really just “right winged” websites?”

    I’d say that anything that the lefties don’t like are rightwing websites, hate sites and such. Anything to silence them.

    “….just tell them you’re a Jew and see how long you guys can be friends.”

    And perhaps try that in Luton son, i suggest you wear good running shoes when you go there.

    And as for not seeing any armed gangs futile, we have armed gangs in Australia, but i haven’t seen any, so they must be just in la-la land, rightwing fantasies and such eh.

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