to all my fans, and hate groups, I must take a small break, sorry.

I don’t usually go into much about my own life on this internet skid mark because frankly it’s not particularly interesting for the most part, and it’s not your business anyway.  With that said I will be posting only sporadically if at all for about a month, maybe two since I’m moving out of the country and it’s going to take away a bit of my time to not only get things ready for the move but to get myself situated in said new country, but I hope to be back to my usual thoughtcrimes and drunken ranting as soon as possible.   I’ll try to have a couple posts but I can’t promise anything.

It’s amusing or annoying how much crap it takes to move to another country even when it’s a country you use to live in.  The main changes after get situated, will be the fact that I will probably end up yelling about my new countries politics as well since that’s were I’ll be, and not here, and the fact I won’t be there to help out when the inevitable revolution happens in America, I’d be all down to help if I was, but since I knew I was leaving I didn’t want to bother to try to start it myself, that and how many people would really have followed my crazy ass had I tried?  But I have left my friends several battalions from my zombie army and the keys to my 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT coupe (the person that gets this joke without looking it up get’s the much coveted “Nerd-boy Of the Year” award).

So if I’m not here for you sorry, I might love you, but I’m not in love with you, if you understand me.    Really it’s not you, it’s me.  Sorry I meant it’s you, I’m fine, I don’t want to lie, you people suck… I’m never good at this kind of thing….

Anyway, I won’t be around much for a bit, so sorry to all 2 of my fans you’ll have to find a way to deal without my guidance, you might even learn how to live your own lives and maybe get a job or something, or if you have been paying any attention to me, might end up in jail for treason since last time I checked the Obammers administration hasn’t read the Constitution, so their definition of treason might be a little off.

Think about it like this, several months ago I promised all of you that I would move out of the country if Obammers got elected, and I, unlike all the assholes, junkies, and plastic people from Hollywood that said they would do it over Bush, I’m actually going to do it.  OK, I admit I told you all I was going to do it no matter who won, but hey, at least I keep my word.

I hate it here, that’s why I’m leaving….



  1. Moving country ey, damn that’s a big step. Hope it goes alright. Where are you moving to anyway?

  2. I’m going to Japan, everything is good so far.

  3. Oh right, please let us know what it’s like over there. I’ve read a little bit about the place and would like to know what it’s like there.

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