Memory hole

Yes a memory hole, for some of you that may have been paying attention, certain things on this site have vanished, just like anything on Wikipedia that might make Obammers look bad, no matter how true it is.    

Anyway back to the point, after thinking it over and a warning from MK I decided to cancel the Facebook and Myspace accounts linked to this blog.  When I think about it you have no reason to contact me, and if you want to you can do try to do it through here.  The less ability people have to find out who I am the better, that’s the point of writing under a pen name, so people don’t come to your job the next day and punch you in the nose, or in the Obammers case, send in the IRS to do an audit, while the DHS is finding subversive materials in my house, like a copy of the Constitution, and sending me to Room 101.  

So sorry people everything went right down the memory hole just like Obama’s commitment to lower taxes.



  1. Hope i didn’t cause too much trouble, i just like those things, too many people can keep tabs on you, like an electronic leash if you know what i mean.

  2. No trouble, just thought better of it and pushed the delete button.

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