Surprise, North Korea is still North Korea.

kim-jong-il-cartoonI guess Obama forgot to give little Kimmy boy a hug because the little bastard has been at his finest lately, ignoring all sanctions, treaties and promises,  starting back up his nuke program, launching missiles, not only that but he is currently holding two American journalist hostage, and while I have a general dislike of journalists, the two woman Laura Ling and Euna Lee, don’t deserve to end up in Yoduk, no one deserves to end up in Yoduk, not even Kimmy boy, he just needs a hot lead injection to the frontal lobes and let the devil give him his due. Maybe we should send Jimmy “The Douche” Carter back over there for another talk with the toddler sized tyrant, it worked the last time right?  Wait let’s not go back there, Jimmy “Hamas Stooge” Carter has a tendency to be disastrously incompetent, and even for all of Jimmy “Malaise” Carter’s little misadventure in North Korea, it only got worse from there,  and the last thing the world needs to see is  more photos of Madeline Albright slow dancing with Kim Jong-il, to say the least they both wore heals that night.  Only a shotgun can clear that picture out of your head…

Maybe we just need to understand the little freak and he will play nice with the world?  If you really want understand him read the article I wrote “Letters from the Hermit Kingdom: North Korea and the Kim“, especially the “Mind of the Kim” section.

Let’s be frank here North Korean is a shit hole, that likes to kidnap people, especially South Korean movie stars and Japanese girls,  they steal what little food the populace actually manages to grow and lets the average person starve, in the even that the WFP sends in food, they take it to either resell, take most of it for the party members and send what’s left to the military.  Kim Jong-il even has a whole harem of underage girls for his own personal pleasure, and is also the only fat guy in North Korea, while average person can’t even get a dog to eat because for the most part after 20 years of famine they don’t have very many left.  If you ever have the displeasure of visiting North Korea, and someone offers you dog to eat, I would highly recommend you not eat it, dog meat is often a code word similar to “longpig”, so there is a 75% chance that what you’re eating only yesterday was someone’s sick uncle.  North Korean families will  trade trade their dead relatives for the neighbor’s dead relatives so they don’t have to eat their own own family.  That’s life in North Korea and if you need more reason to stay away there is always the chance you might get arrested for being a “spy”, hell, you don’t even need to be in North Korea for that, the Norks are very good at arresting spies in the part of China that borders North Korea.  They are also good at kidnaping people in other countries that they don’t border, granted they are the best at it in Japan since the Chongryon helps out with that one.

Obammers isn’t going to get this solved though his teleprompter alone.  Kim Jong-il is a bastard and isn’t going to suddenly be a nice little guy after a hug, you tell him not to launch a missile, he will, right over Japan, you tell him not to steal WFP goods, he will, you tell him to stop kidnaping Japanese citizens, he will not listen.  What ever happened to the CIA, do you know how many North Korean defectors would love a chance to go back and get revenge on the  midget king? You don’t even need to send a defector back there, I know we have a bunch of good patriotic men and woman of Korean decent in America we can train up for this mission, send in the SEALS, something.  At least Bush, unlike Clinton, got the Norks to shut down their Nuclear facilities and stop with the missile launches, and for the most part tried not to pay the bribe money the Norks were asking for, he wasn’t perfect but who is, and it can be hard to get things done on the world stage when no one else wants to help, plus you never had to watch Condoleezza Rice slow dance with Kim Jong-il, even though unlike Madeline Albright the thought of Condi dancing with someone  doesn’t give people the urge for shotgun mouthwash, also we know Condi has too much class to be caught on the floor with the Dear Leader.
Now we have Obammers, Kim doesn’t fear Obammers, he Certainly didn’t fear Jimmy “Killer Bunny” Carter, when Carter came down for his lovefest and walked away with a promise that was broken even before he left the country, even Clinton was able to stop chasing fat girls long enough to get annoyed with Carter, although it have have been the fact that he was forced to do something other than chase chunky girls that made him angry, the jury is still out on that one.  All we are going to get out of Obammers is a bunch of concessions to North Korea, in the hopes that we get our people back, and you can ask the Japanese how well that works out.  This is looking like more and more of a win-win situation, but only for the Norks.

Obammers has been spending his time sucking up to despots and apologizing for America for everything, think helpless baby deer in a pool full of hungry alligators, and the deer wants to give everyone a hug and apologize, that’s Obammers foreign policy.  Obammers was in France and not only refused to visit Normandy but spent the whole time apologizing!  Wait, what?    I guess it would have been to much cognitive dissonance for poor little Obama to be standing in the the American cemetery in Normandy while trying to apologize for America’s “Sins”.  Our boys died on those beaches to save the world from it’s sins, like Jesus with an M-1 and a Lucky Strike in his mouth.  Any sin America has committed has been paid tenfold, on that beach, in those fields and a thousand others across the world. Maybe it’s best you didn’t visit the cemetery, your presence there might be considered a desecration of their memories.

Obama looks weak, Kim saw his chance to make more money by trying to get the world to pay him to shut his nuke program down, again,  and went right back to being the bastard he has always been, you would think that Obammer’s teleprompter would have warned him about this kind of thing, it’s not like it doesn’t happen all the time.    When Japan has a more confrontational foreign policy then the POTUS, you have a problem, a very, very large problem.

At least Obama is taking the right step in national defense… wait never mind, if it’s not bad enough Obama isn’t funding the military properly, so much so that the Navy had to stop giving out reenlistment bonuses and can’t fund normal duty rotations and started canceling people’s Change of Station orders, he wants to cut missile defense systems.  Yeah that’s great, asshole.  North Korea is going to have nukes and Pakistan, a country that already has a nuclear arsenal, is giving over large swathes of their country to the Jihadies from the Taliban and all their crazy friends, and Obammers wants to cut missile defense systems.  Um, how long do you think it’s going to be before the Jihadies get some nukes and go on one of their normal killing sprees, only this time with a lot more casualties?

I hate it here…


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  1. I just read the news earlier that kim is demanding the UN apologize for scolding hime earlier over the last missile test. Now he’s threatening to conduct an nuclear test, not just the missile. Hussein can try and ignore him as much as he can in favor of socializing America and the swine flu may have everyone’s attention, but kim only gets more dangerous as each day passes.

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