Maximum the Hormone, the most random Japanese band, or well the most random band on the planet.

Yeah they are the most random Japanese band on the planet, and I know my Japanese bands, hell they might be the most random band on the planet period, but it’s fun and yes the drummer is a girl and she is the one doing that cute singing in the middle of what for all intensive purposes is a metal song.  It’s funny how she plays the drums like she could be in Fear Factory but sings like she should be in a J-pop group, eh it works.   I have one of their albums, every song is like listening to 5 different bands in the same song.


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  1. Super cool band… also..they have a song called SHIMI hahaha. like system of a down… it sound cool too.
    Koi no megalova’ is the perfec tribute to pop songs of the early 2000’s until the bassist enters and gave us some rock. otherwise pop songs maded on purpose as a joke.
    Daisuke has some fucking freaking vocals that remembers me Wayne from Static-X.
    Some rythms get you to think you’re listening some new red hot chili peppers song specialy because the bass.
    J-pen sorprises me one more time.

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