Earth Day is a joke.

It’s Earth Day, Yea!  It’s a wonderful day where people that haven’t learned what soap is and rich hypocrites like Al Gore can feel extra smug about how good they are, and tell us how much they love the planet we are killing.  Fuck all of them.  Really here’s an idea for you if you want to lower your CO2 emissions stop breathing, we have to do is every time we get within 50 yards of one of you bastards otherwise the smell might kill us, I think you can try it a little too.  It’s also Lenin’s birthday, the brutal communist mass murderer, not the guy who along with his wife killed the Beatles, also for the people who went to Public Indoctrination Centers Schools there is a difference in spelling, but it’s really does not matter since you probably can’t read anyway.  Well back to the point, why do do we celebrate Earth Day on the same day that one of histories most brutal tyrants was born, does it have something to do with hippies fascination with communism, or am I reading a bit much into this?  And why do hippies wear clothing with mass murderers like Che Guevara and Mao Zedong on them but not Lenin or Pol Pot, Pot Pot was photogenic why not him?  I want to know… 

Any hoo it being hug a tree day or whatever today is reminds me of something.  Am I the only one that noticed that the remake of “The Day the Earth Stood Still” used a massive amount of technology to make when the message of the film was Luddite?  I’m pretty sure that if you have to use a whole ton of technology to show that technology is bad your message might be a little bit wrong.  Seriously if you want to go back to some primitive utopia (Read: Dystopia), have fun with a average life span of 30 years and no toothpaste.  Technology is a good thing, if you don’t believe me stop going to the hospital, don’t eat anything, since it takes a lot of technology to grow food, unless you want to go back to the Hunter/Gatherer days in human history, those were the good old days weren’t they, like I said have fun with a 30 year life span, no toothpaste, penicillin, quinine, disinfectant, water purification, soap, toilet paper (and no, you can use a pine cone, I won’t), or any of the other things that keeps life from being one big nasty suckfest.

I’m all for trying to protect the Earth but I’m also against millions of people dying of malaria every year so we need to make some compromises.  Fist things first you people need to start showering so we can actually get close enough to you bastards without either gagging from the stench or contracting some terrible disease only found in third world shit holes and hippie communes, to have a rational conversation. Second thing is for people to lay off the bullshit scare tactics and turning science into politics at the expense of actual science.  It’s all a scam, they make millions every year off of scarring the shit out of people into giving them money and you fall for it.  If you really think your Carbon Indulgences Credits are doing anything more than lining the pockets of rich assholes you need to wake up!

Also when talking about science never talk about concensus, there is only a correct theory or an incorrect theory, they used to have consensus on the fact the Sun revolved around the Earth, it wasn’t true but there was consensus. If you can’t come up with environmental policies that will not only help the planet but will not condemn millions of people into poverty, disease and starvation, then it’s not going to work.  Till then all I can really say is FUCK EARTH DAY!

One more thing, CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s a requirement for life on this planet!

For more fun here is a video of eco-nuts crying over trees.  enjoy…

Just in case you didn’t know if it wasn’t for technology they wouldn’t have any cloths and most of them would be either dead from desease or starvation.  Crying over trees, do they not realize they can plant a new one?

The Nose On Your Face has the a message to them from the trees.



  1. Here is how I will spend Earth Day..
    I have decided that this will be our schedule..

    8am – Turn on every electical appliance in the house..leave them on..change oil in cars – let oil drain into the Florida sand..Start up the car and let it idle in the driveway..

    9am – Burn some old tires, plastic milk jugs, water bottles maybe toss in a few old batteries..

    10am – Bury some old computer parts, especially those old lap top batteries..

    11am – visit some local farms and dump Alka Seltzer in the water trough…watch the cows burp and fart some methane for a while..

    12 Noon – Go to the local Walmart and Sporting Goods all the CO2 cannisters for bb guns I can find…return home place them in a vise and puncture them..releasing the CO2 into the air..

    1pm – Have lunch at the local park (beach), cook hotdogs in a propane grill with charcoal briquets to enhance the flavor..and of course burn all the plastic packaging in the grill when done..clean grill with soapy water (phosphate soap only)..let soapy water run into Gulf of Mexico..

    2pm – Invite some friends over to cut down some pesky vines and plants in the back corner of the lot..make a compost heap with all the plant matter..The greenhouse gases released should last for years according to Al (I invented the internet) Bore..

    3pm – Get all the old aerosol cans of paint, hairspray, varnish..etc and allow all my friends and neighbors paint a mural on the side of the house..(I can buy more spray paint later if I dont like the mural..)

    4pm – Sign up for more junk mail …this act alone should kill a few thousand trees..

    5pm – Find as many old air conditioners from the local dump…cannibalize the lead, copper, zinc..etc and bury it about 12 under the ground to speed its absorption into the aqua fir..puncture the freon tank when removing copper tubing..

    6pm – Fire up the kerosene heater..adjust wick so that black smoke is emitted..Make a really BIG dinner of Pinto beans on propane stove..use all 4 burners and the oven for the cornbread..take alka seltzer to release methane from body..

    7pm – Check bonfire, add more tires, batteries..etc if necessary..

    8pm – Turn off engine on car, put out bonfire using CO2 fire extinguisher…Take a long shower and get ready for an evening of watching TV with all the lights on..

    9pm – Leave all lights, radios, TV’s etc on..refill kerosene heater, go to bed..

  2. Wow! That sounds like a hell of a day!! Although, I’m a little disappointed that in your excitement for Earth Day, you forgot about doing a little sport hunting of fishing. It’s ok though, I have managed to kill a Nittany Lion, 3 spotted owls, and had a friend club a harp seal.

    In all seriousness though, Nickelodeon decided that everybody should turn off all electricity at 9pm, for one minute, yesterday to celebrate earth day. I did not, however, while Nick was telling kids and teenagers to turn off their lights , I noticed that their website (read: Data Center that takes more power than our homes do in a year) and their programming, did not get shut down.

    Not that this matters in the least now that CO2 is a pollutant, but still, I just thought I put that out there for you all to chew on and spit out.

    By the way, I created this entire post while holding my breath, I don’t want to be taxed, I think I’ve exceeded my cap already. Shhh, don’t tell the EPA.

  3. earth day? What the heck, i thought we just had earth hour the other week or something. bloody hell there’s a damn day for something or the other every bloody week, i’m sick of all this shit.

    “I’m all for trying to protect the Earth but I’m also against millions of people dying of malaria every year so we need to make some compromises.”

    That is what will happen if we follow the loonies ideas. The stupid ones don’t know it, but the hardcore ones know this and this is what they want, to cull millions of people.

    “…so we can actually get close enough to you bastards without either gagging from the stench or contracting some terrible disease only found in third world shit holes and hippie communes, to have a rational conversation.”

    Hate to break it to you Letters, but a clean-smelling leftist is just as stupid or intransigent as a foul-smelling one. You cannot have a rational conversation with either.

    “Till then all I can really say is FUCK EARTH DAY!”

    Well said. Here-here.

  4. I would love to go hunting for a few spotted owls..the lion sounds fun too..but my day has been so full. We had some real fun with some CO2 fire extinguishers..I would imagine we put another ton of CO2 in the atmosphere..

  5. MK, I know it’s almost impossible to have a conversation with them but at least if they don’t smell like patchouli, stale bong water and 50 years of not washing (even when they are 25) you can at least try. And if you don’t use facts, logic or reason they might not get confused when you do it.

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