Right-wing Extremism, Tea Parties and silly numbers.

Excepts from Jonah Goldberg’s latest column about the Tea Parties and the DHS report on Right-wing Extremism:

“I wrote a book on fascism which tried to show that what everybody knows isn’t necessarily true. The idea that soldiers will return from war and become right-wing militants? Well, that has its roots in Fascist Italy, where veterans returned as black-shirted shock troops of “Il Duce,” Benito Mussolini. The only problem was that they clamored for socialism — the socialism of the trenches! — and their leader had earned the title “Il Duce” as the leader of the Socialist Party.

The idea that American “hate groups” are right-wing and bristling with vets got new life with JFK’s assassination at the hands of a disgruntled vet named Lee Harvey Oswald. Everybody knew right away that Oswald was an agent of “hate” — and hate was code for right-wing and racist. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren summed up the instantaneous conventional wisdom when he blamed the “climate of hatred” for Kennedy’s death. Everybody knew that the right was involved.

There was just one inconvenient truth: Oswald was a communist who, according to the Warren report, had “an extreme dislike of the rightwing” and had actually tried to murder a right-wing former Army general….

Sen. John Kerry belonged to an organization of vets that considered assassinating American politicians. (Kerry denied participating in those meetings.) Barack Obama was friends with, and a colleague of, a domestic terrorist whose organization plotted to murder soldiers and their wives at a social at Fort Dix. A young Hillary Clinton sympathized with the Black Panthers, a paramilitary gang of racist murderers and cop killers.

Bring that up and you’re a paranoid nutcase out of “Dr. Strangelove.”

But if you’re terrified of a bunch of citizens who throw tea in the water and demand lower taxes and less government spending, well, that’s just a sign of political seriousness.

Because everyone knows who the real threat to the country is.”

I would read the whole thing if I were you.

Anyway, people like to bring up Timothy McVeigh when talking about domestic terrorists, yeah he did kill more people than ALF, ELF and the Weather Underground, but that’s because he was better at building bombs, and he only used one the other three, all Left-wing organizations planted hundreds of bombs, fire bombed homes, and executed people.  I’m not going to justify what McVeigh did, it was wrong, but that was one nut-job, the left has tons of nut-jobs that pull this kind of thing, just because they aren’t as good at it as McVeigh doesn’t mean they aren’t a threat. What happens when they get competent?  Another thing about Timothy McVeigh is that he was one lone whack-job, unlike the left-wing, who form whole organizations dedicated to this kind of thing.  The Weatherman where planning on killing 12% of the US population, they didn’t do it but that’s only because they didn’t get the chance.  Timothy McVeigh was executed for his crimes while Bill Ayers got off and is now a college professor.  Think about it like this, Pol Pot might not have had the chance to kill as many people as Stalin but that doesn’t make him less evil.  Bill got away with it only because the FBI screwed up, and now he is just a collage professor and no one cares he and his group wanted to kill millions of American the second they got the chance.

But no the real threat is a bunch of unnamed Right-wing extremists – I think the term is “boogeyman” since they don’t even name any groups – and people who want lower taxes and more governmental accountability.  At least when left-wing extremists are talked about in these reports they name the organization they are talking about, not some cryptic “Right-wing”.

The worst thing about the DHS report is they refer to military veterans, yeah Timothy McVeigh was a vet, but when it all comes down to it, Veterans are the least likely people to commit any crime, the thing is people that have never been in the military are statistically more than twice as likely to commit a crime.  If you take the total population of the US the murder rate for people between 18 to 50 in 2006 was 0.015 percent while the murder rate for veterans in 2006 was 0.0055 percent.  Now remember to take into account that most murders are committed by younger men, and the people in the military are mostly younger men, but have one of the lowest crime rates, it means basically that the safest place you can be, other than locked in you room or next to a 9 year old girl (not you Muhammad, since that’s the least safest place for the girl), is next to a veteran or a current military member, even if they have direct combat experience and PTSD.

You want to worry about people worry about high school dropouts since they have the highest crime rate, while veterans have the lowest.  And if you want to worry about extremists worry about the left-wing, Communists and Socialists killed  untold millions more than any “Right-wing extremist” ever even dreamed of, I think the number is, for every right-wing murder you get about 1 million left wing murders.  But no, we are worried about some unnamed “Right-wing” rather than looking at the actions of the ELF who are known demestic terrorists and have a history of violence.  The DHS and Janet Napolitano are a joke and the whole report is a political tirad and nothing more.



  1. The left will never let facts get in the way of smearing those they hate and fear.

    And just on Timothy Mcveigh, here’s a little bit about him the left would rather wasn’t made public.


  2. He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.

    -G. Orwell, 1984.

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