How to rape the populace.

Here’s how it went down; a bank tries to refuse the TARP money from the government so the government gives them an offer they can’t refuse, either take the TARP money or if you do not we will make your life miserable with the biggest audit that you have ever seen, this would guaranty to waste a ton of the banks money, so the banks takes the money, then several months latter the bank tries to return the money with interest to the treasury, but wait the government refuses to accept the money back.  Now why would the government not try to get the money back especially with the national debt getting so high that it has about the same amount of digits in it as pi?   Granted several smaller banks have been successful in returning the money however this is this a much larger bank, that received a lot more money, why does the government not want the money back?  It’s because it’s about control, as long as the bank still has the TARP funds the government has control and can force them to do what they want, the smaller banks have less strategic value so attempting to control them at this time does not have as much benefit as the control of the larger banks, and the government is big game hunting.  Once you have control over the larger banks you can force the smaller ones fall in line latter.

The working title of “Atlas Shrugged” was “The Strike”, it should have been called “How To Kill The Golden Goose”.  You want to know why companies suck up to the government, it’s because they want money, like everyone does, and the more control the government has, the more money is to be made from their favors, but once the company is controlled by the government it’s not going to let go, it has to much power at stake to do so.  The Strike was the strike of the honest men against the dishonest men, the men that chose to walk away rather than live under a bureaucratic slavery.  But these companies and men don’t strike, they just want to give back the money and regain their independence, their freedom.  But it’s not going to happen now is it?

Independence and Freedom is the bane of all governments, while ours was supposed to be  limited to those duties explicitly enumerated in the Constitution and created in order to allow the largest amount of personal and economic freedoms, it is increasingly obvious to anyone who has read the thing that the Government no longer thinks that the Constitution has any bearing over national law.  Control the financial institutions, the schools and the industrial base and you control the country, you can control the people, you control their money, their minds and their lively-hoods, they are your slaves.  The politicians need problems, that’s how they gain and keep control, they don’t care about the consequences of their action because they know they can always steal more of your money to “fix” the problems they created.  Nor do they car about the future, in 50 years most people in the government right now will be dead, so it does not matter to them that in 50 years people will still be paying for their mistakes.   The ones that are alive won’t have to worry about Social Security going bankrupt because they already voted themselves better pensions anyway, they will be taken care of, you won’t be!

Here’s one of the tricks; people in Community A want something let’s call it Project 3, but rather than pulling their resources  together they go to Senator Jones, now senator Jones is up for reelection so he naturally  promises that he will raise taxes on Community B to pay for it, once elected Senator Jones gets a bill passed giving Community A the funds for Project 5, now Community B is angry that their taxes have been raised and used for Project 5, something that not only do they not want but is something that does not help them in any way, so they figure they might as well get in on the game, so they go to Senator Smith who raises taxes on Community C to fund Project 6.  Now Community C not only has to pay into the General Fund for the government but they as well as Community B have to pay more than Community A so they are out for blood, or at least to get something they want, so the cycle continues.

Now another part of the game is the General Fund.  The General Fund is the total taxes the government collects and each Community wants a part of it, it doesn’t matter that what they want might not be constitutional they want it and the politicians are happy to give it to them because they want power and to be reelected, so they each try to take as much money out of the Fund as they can,  it doesn’t matter that each of these pet projects does nothing for 99% of the of the country other than take their money, because it keeps Community A voting for Senator Jones.  The honest man, Senator Williams  knows that none of this is constitutional and does not take out of the fund so his Community E gets nothing, yet still has to pay for the other Communities, so they go out and find Candidate Vargas who promises them everything they want and elect him to the Senate, this way now Senator Vargas can try to steel as much money as he can from the General Fund for Community E.  The honest man loses because when the game is rigged it’s the honest and law abiding that ends up with nothing but the bill, and a lot of questions.  you divide and conquer, play people off of one another, class warfare.

Around 50% of the population pays very little too no income taxes, while the top 10% pays 70% of all income taxes, and say they all vote, well is the bottom 50% don’t care about a tax increase on the top 10% because they don’t pay taxes but will get the added benefits form these tax increases while the top 10% don’t want the tax increases because it will not only not benefit them but hurt them.  Who wins?  The bottom 50% because they have more votes, plus even if they aren’t going to benefit directly from the tax increase it won’t hurt them since they don’t pay taxes, or when they do it’s minimal, it will only hurt the top 10%.  Now this is class warfare, the bottom 50% don’t care about the top 10% because they are the “Evil Rich”, it doesn’t matter that the top 10% pour millions of dollars every year into charity from their own pockets, the rich are evil and they “owe” it to the bottom 50%.  Since the bottom 50% is envious of the top 10% the Politicians use this in oder to maintain and increase their power.  Now the top 10% can get back in their own ways, they buy off politicians to give them benefits, subsidies or tax credits for their businesses, it makes sense if you pay 70% of all taxes you want to get something out of it don’ t you?  Once again the honest man loses.

What people refuse to do is go get their own money why pay for something out of your own pocket when you can get the government pay for it out of someone else’s, at the barrel of a gun, it’s it’s theft only you get the government to mug the guy rather than do it yourself, hell we have gotten so lazy and entitled we expect someone else to commit our crimes for us.  Another thing people fail to realize is that the economy, is not static, it isn’t only one sum and it never changes.  As P. J. O’Rourke said:

“Wealth is not a pizza where if I have too many slices, you have to eat the Domino’s box. Wealth is not zero-sum.”


“Your money does not cause my poverty. Refusal to believe this is at the bottom of most bad economic thinking.”

The thing is, in capitalism,  wealth is created, not looted or stolen such as in monarchism or political/economic systems such as communism, or socialism.  The idea is that I have something someone else wants so they come to me and give me a sum of money that I am willing to take to part with my goods or labor, by this process I can then go out and use this sum to purchase  the things I want.  What collectivism tells you is that they will give these things to you, because they are your right, and you won’t have to work for it, so what happens is a man with a gun (the government) finds the man with the skills or products and at the point of the gun takes it from him and than gives it to you.  But what of the man whose property has been taken?  Well it doesn’t matter since, he is the “evil rich”, or uncaring and selfish, it’s his own fault for being such and therefor does not deserve pity, only your contempt.  It’s the rapist, laughing at the raped, and telling her it was her own fault, while the government holds the victim down for him.  If a man does not have the right to take a woman by force why does a man have the right to take my property or life by force?  The truth is they do not, so they lie, whenever the words “For The Greater Good” can be heard you know evil is behind it.  Class Warfare has never done anything other than murder or enslave people and countries, but it’s how the politician gets your votes, and his control.  If you want to hate the people who have more than you do, go right ahead, but don’t get angry when they start to hate you too.  And asking a man you hate for forced handouts does not make you a better person, it makes you nothing more than a greedy self absorbed leach.

But you want to call me selfish?  I am called this because when forced to do so, I do not willingly give up the products of my labor for the benefit of others.  Am I uncaring?  Yes and no.  I do care about the plight of those less fortunate however my charity to others cannot be forced.  There is no compulsion in charity, it loses it’s meaning when received under the barrel of a gun.  But the government not only wants to force me to give, and you do too, but you want me to like it.  It’s the rapist, laughing at the raped, and telling her it was her own fault, while the government holds the victim down for him, and everyone gets angry at the poor girl for not having a good time.

Government, they want control, so they use you, they lie, and they steal, all in the name of Nobel platitudes, high ideals, “hope and change”, but it’s always the same, they use your jealousy and greed to gain control, all they need is to trow you a couple scraps from the asters table and you wag your tails like dogs,  this isn’t even slavery, the slave hated his master you love yours.  How does it feel to be worth less than a slave?  Not only do they enslave you but they want to to like it.  This my friend is the definition of evil.

When they came for the Bankers I remained silent, I was not a Banker….



  1. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go to the big DC Tea Party on tax day… but I will make it home in time to go to an evening one in the DC burbs. I refuse to be silent.

  2. Socialism fails and milton friedman was right. His DVD series is wonderful and shows exactly why 2.0 unemployment, under socialism, is still miserable.

    The economy is the exchange of goods and services. And the economy accelerates when people really want to exchange goods and services. When you have rewards to creating something that others want, as in capitalism, you get motive to innovate new products through creativity and technology. If you have a bunch of people doing this, you exchange these goods and services and create jobs and wealth.

    Under socialism, people stay complacent in their situation. there is relatively any motivation to create products that other people want, and this creates a domino effect. (you can motivate others to produce cool products if they want other peoples’ cool products). however, high taxes eliminates the motivation for many. And for this reason, most of the good products come out of capitalists countries.

    There is not a set amount of wealth in this world. It can be created and people can join in by creating something that people want. Obama’s policies seek to make everyone equal by stifling competition and innovation — trickle up poverty.

    So everyone is equal financially, and unemployment is very low — but everyone is just above poverty. Cuba has low unemployment, but there are no mansions and nothing to shoot for.

    Furthermore, people stop progressing. People stop learning from failures.

  3. There are mansions in Cuba, the Castro brothers no doubt have rather nice ones. And the Cuban people do have something to shoot for, getting to America any way they can, even if they have to build a boat out of a 1950’s Chevy and duck the gunfire from their masters, who also have something to shoot for, the head.

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