It’s always Earth Hour in North Korea

north korea

They must really love the planet, not only does that lovely little country prove that Marxist economics works, but they can also show the world the path to proper ecological harmony.  so to everyone out the Go Green like North Korea, trust me you won’t live long enough to regret it…

Korea, China, Japan

For other fun things from North Korea, I’ll give you a recipe for a traditional North Korean soup:

Step 1:  Boil Water.
Step 2:  Add Grass.
Step 3:  Simmer for several minutes.
Step 4:  Remove from heat and serve.

That’s what they eat between the few times a year the World Food Program donations go to someone other than Party Officials and the Army and before the onset of starvation induced cannibalism. Just remember if you trade your dead uncle with the neighbors dead grandson you don’t have to eat your own family, so it’s not that bad.  Just remember before you serve it to the family make sure to tell them it’s dog meat, they won’t believe you if you call it beef since last time I checked they don’t have any cows, although I think they are running out of dogs too.   Plus just think of it as another form of recycling and you’ll be going Green in no time!



  1. A sick and evil regime isn’t it. So many thousands dead, so many millions killed by communism and still there are vermin in the western world looking to give communism another chance.

  2. Well they always say that “true communism” has never been tried, it’s not communism that’s bad it’s just the wrong people were in charge, well who are the right people?

    Even if a communist country didn’t kill tonnes of their own people, the economics of it still don’t work. The whole premise of communism runs off of a flawed economic system and the complete disregard for human nature. It’s the most flawed form of government ever invented, but hey give it one more chance and pay no attention to the piles of corpses.

  3. very well said letterstoadyingdream: “it’s not communism that’s bad it’s just the wrong people were in charge”. I remember in school the teachers always trying to brainwash the students saying that communism is evil, and everyone that has something to do with it is a bad person, then when i picked up my hand to say that its not actually evil, id get shunned. just like wen bush was pres, id get in shit for stating things i didnt think were good ideas. now that i think of it, my school was sort of like north korea; cant say bad things about the leader, cant say bad things about the system. yea you wouldnt go to jail for it, but so what if half your class starts calling you hitler (which doesnt even make sense, but thats our education system for you). land of the free my ass.

  4. No, communism is evil.

  5. Communism isn’t evil. It’s flawed, yes. The Commie leaders were (and are) evil. I’m sure Lenin could’ve been the right man to give commies a good name. or maybe even Marx ang Engels themselves. Unfortunately, when people think of communism, they think of Mao, Stalin and Obama, who have killed hundreds of times more people than Hitler ever did.

    –*insert pawprint here*

  6. Lenin was the guy that started the Gulag system all Stalin did was expand all the systems that Lenin had already put in place, Stalin was an evil person but it was Lenin who started it.

  7. i’m not so sure if you’re being really cynical about north korea or you really like it…

  8. It’s not just cynicism, it’s also complete contempt for their leaders and whole political system as well.

    If you want to learn other fun things about North Korea and their leader Tiny Kim, go here.

  9. Dog meat is good, oh wait we are taliking about eating people… In that case the North Koreans should just eat their own leaders that should kill two birds with one stone.

  10. Obama has killed more people than Hitler? Wow. Just wow.

  11. I’m assuming he was just calling them all communists and not saying Obama was a mass murderer. I might be wrong though. Communism has killed more people than the nazis and Hitler. Hitler was a bad, bad person and the Nazis suck but communism has killed a lot more people than they did. Obama while not a mass murderer is still an empty suit raised by communists. I would’nt have put Obama on that list but he can still go fuck himself.

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