Cop killers as heroes and other Bay Area insanity


As if the people in the Bay Area aren’t already fucking crazy, we get the story of Lovelle Mixon, the gloriously celebrated cop killer, violent thug and child rapist,  but hey the man is a hero right?  Bloody goat fucking hell what the hell is wrong with people?  A cop killer and a rapist is not a hero, they are not!  granted that didn’t stop The Uhuru Movement a branch of the socialist and racial separatist organization the African People’s Socialist Party along with members of the Mixon family from calling this child rapist and cop killer a hero.  Of course they claimed that they didn’t condone what Mixon did but that rings a bit hollow when you call the guy a hero in the same sentence.

This is their hero; Lovelle Mixon was a arrested on an armed robbery charge and served time in jail, after he was paroled he violated that parole and served more time in jail.  After he was paroled a second time he once again violated his parole.   During this time he was linked to a murder but was not charged due to lack of evidence.  Also while on parole DNA Evidence shows that he raped a 12 year old girl, and is a suspect in 5 other rapes.  At a routine traffic stop, before the police were even able to get the information about his parole violation and the impending rape charge he opened fire on two police officers, Sgt. Mark Dunakin was killed at the scene and the second police officer John Hege was left brain dead, and being an organ donor is currently on life support till his organs can be harvested for transplants.  Mixon fled from the scene and two hours later while hiding in a relatives apartment, killed two more police officers, Sgt. Ervin Romans and Sgt. Daniel Sakai, in a shootout with the SWAT team that left him dead as well. Police Shot

I just loved the fact that the family tried to claim the guy wasn’t a monster, well he wasn’t Dracula, or some other fictional monster, but he is the closest thing to a monster you could ever get in the real world.  Granted the guy wasn’t Pol Pot but that doesn’t make him any less of a monster just because Pol Pot was better at it.  Look Lovelle Mixon was a monster, he raped a 12 year old girl, if that doesn’t say “Monster” to you how about the fact he was a murdered 4 people and possibly more.  He was a violent thug, I don’t give a shit if you don’t want to hear it, it’s the truth!  If I had a family member that was that big of a pile of shit I would be thanking the cops for shooting him and apologizing for the fact that he was such a pile of useless scum to the family members of the victims.   Do I feel bad for the Mixon family?  Hell no, why would I feel bad for a bunch of people glorifying a child rapist and cop killer!

Yes Lovelle Mixon was a violent felon, a child rapist, and a cop killer, but he is a hero…  Of course he is a hero because we all know how the police oppress black people, don’t pay any attention to the fact that well over 90% of crime against blacks is committed by other blacks, it’s the police that are the oppressors, and cop killing child rapists are heroes.  This is not to say that the police don’t make mistakes, or in some cases are bad apples, but most cops are not, and in this case the cops in question did nothing wrong other than try to stop a violent child rapist, who would rather gun down police officers than pay the price for his own horrible choices.  It’s really sad that people would chose to side with a Child rapist and murderer than the police who for the most part are good at their jobs and do not abuse their power, just because a small percentage might.

To the people that support Mixon, fuck you!  How about this you don’t want cops in your communities, fine pull all the cops out and lets see how long it takes for the place to burn to the ground.  We will let you have your little towns run by your heroes like Mixon.   The people from the Uhuru Movement are nothing but a bunch of racist commie assholes.  Really you want to idolize scum like Mixon, go right ahead, it’s your life and if you would rather spend your life as a racist asshat defending child rapist go for it, but don’t get angry when the civilized world calls you out on your shit.  And next time someone breaks into your house to rape and murder your family or robe you blind, don’t bother calling the cops, your guys hate snitches anyway, right, so don’t be a hypocrite and learn how to deal with the consequences of your own stupidity.

Hell I would wall off the entire Bay Area and let them have their own little country right there, of course I would make it illegal to try to come into the US from that new little country,  maybe there should be a DMZ filled with land mines before the wall to help keep The Crazy from getting out…



  1. And you can bet the lefties out there would consider this fellow a bit of a hero too, if nothing, they’d never support any state executing him.

  2. Well, I don’t like the part about raping the girl, but if cops come after you, and you defend yourself, I am OK with the result. They’re going to take him out, so might as well take as many of them with you as you can. I would do it. Of course, I rightfully believe that the police are our enemies, so it doesn’t bother me no matter how many of them are taken out.

  3. So wait, let me get this strait? The cops are coming after you because you are a fucking rapist and it’s OK to kill the fucking cops because the cops are the bad people attacking you?! How fucking stupid are you?! I pray to whatever deity that might still give a shit that you are just a troll because if you are not you are everything that is wrong with this fucking planet! How about this you shit if you live in a civilized country the cops are not going to go after you unless you are doing something wrong. Yes there are some bad cops out there but for the most part they are going after you because you are a rapist or a murderer or some other piece of fucking shit. Fuck you. If you try to rape someone in the US it is legal to shot them in the face and kill their fucking ass but it’s somehow wrong if the police try to arrest you?! You know what you are just as bad as the fucking piece of shit rapist and murder. You really fucking are. I bet you are also the kind of fuck that will bitch about the police all fucking day long and the second you are getting rapped or murdered you will try to bitch about why they are not there saving your fucking little syphilitic ass. Fuck you. Seriously do the world a favor and suck off a shotgun.

  4. I find that if you don’t rape children the cops don’t go after you. So maybe Jim you might want to not rape children and you wouldn’t have to worry about the police. Remember shitfuck this was in America not Iran.

  5. Cops don’t care if you’re a suspect or not. Their corruption, brutality and willingness to slay subdued and innocent people based on race or low social status is rampant and very well documented all over the net. They are thugs as well.

    I’m not cheering for a rapist killing cops, but chances are if you do kill a cop who’s trying to arrest you falsely, beating you without cause, pulling you over without cause, then you are at least fighting back against the social criminals in blue who are supposed to be protecting and serving us, not treating everyone like dangerous criminal just because the boys in blue are jumpy.

    Fuck them. We have the right to bear arms against oppression, and currently our legislative branch has given too much power to the police and they don’t want us to have guns or exercise any of our Constitutional rights. So Fuck you, ya little “everything cops do is OK” punk. Hope you get pulled over and tased for particular reason or have cops plant crack during a “supsicious vehicle” search.

    Cops don’t care about citizens. They care about how many arrests they can get and how many tickest they can write. The game is set, and it’s Us against Them. Deal with it.

  6. If you are going to put something in quotes and yell at me for it make it something I wrote or said. Not only did you use a quote tat wasn’t from this post you are using what is called a straw-man argument along with the fake quote.

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