Happy Birthday Muhammad.

In celebration of the Birthday of Muhammad, Allah’s Prophet and a mass murdering baby rapist, I thought I would post some videos on the truth about the Muhammad and the Cult he created called Islam.  To all my Jihadi friends out there I hope you had fun celebrating the birth of that bastard.


To people who think I am being unnecessarily offensive to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad I could really care less.  Muhammad created a cult to justify his actions even though all he really was, is a warlord, a thief, a slave trader and a rapist.  Yes Muhammad was a rapist he was also a pedophile.  It’s the truth, you might not want to hear that but it is.

So Happy Birthday Muhammad you baby raping lying bastard.

And a Fatwa on my head in 3… 2… 1…

Muhammad pig



  1. Choke on it jihadist scum.

  2. you are stupid

  3. Wow you can’t even be an amusing fuckwad can you? “you are stupid, I’m so smart hahaha”. Come on you fucking baby goat raping syphilitic hippie cunt try to come in with something good if you plan on trolling here.

  4. yea go to hell you fuckin square head

    that goes to d L

  5. I must warn you immortal you are only going to make the Llama worse. You might want to give up now or come back with some much better stuff.

  6. lets talk real here and be men , not shit talkers …leave the past behind and get to the present

  7. listen jew, there is nothing you can say to convince me that your people are anything other than liars, thieves and criminals. your people commit more war crimes in a single year than the naziz did during all of ww2. your talmud teaches the enslavement of all goyum through deception or conquest. your holidays are all celebrations of separatism and celebrations of your race slaughtering goyum. your race has no redeeming qualities. you are right about “wasting your time” on me.

  8. I don’t know if immortal and immortal2 are the same asshole but I’m just going to pretend they are. If not my mistake but you both suck.

    Ah, I find it funny you can remember WWII (not ww2) and not remember that I go by the name Yamamoto (yes it’s under the “About” section of this website). If you knew anything about history that might have clued you in on the fact that is a Japanese name. Admiral Yamamoto ring any bells?

    So I am a Jew. That’s nice, I didn’t know there were a lot of Japanese Jews out there but I guess there might be a couple. Look kid, you’re an idiot, I know in whatever harem you live in were I’m sure some fat old Sheikh spends all his time ass raping you and all the other 12 year old boys he has enslaved you all think calling someone a “Jew” is an insult but outside of that little little corner of what you think is civilization the rest of the wold is what we would like to call sane. You can call me a Jews all you want, I don’t find it insulting. I’m not Jewish, but it does not offend me if you call me a Jew. Not being called a Muslim now that I would find insulting. So if you want to go there go right ahead. Now I don’t know you and I don’t know if you are a Muslim but I’m just going to say you are for fun and work with that. OK?

    Just in case you didn’t know the is an “S” in Nazis not a second “Z”, but I’m sure that was just the fact you were to busy fucking a goat to use some kind of spell check. But I shouldn’t make fun of other peoples spelling. Plus last time I check I thought Muslims loved the Nazis, considering they both hate Jews and well most of the Muslim world supported the Nazis and all.

    I find it funny that you want to talk like men yet you came here and posted the “you are stupid” shit. really was that talking as men? Look it you don’t like the content of the post and disagree with it tell me why it’s wrong, please go for it. I want to hear you tell me why it’s wrong. Yes some of it was just making fun of Muhammad but the rest of it was what we would call facts about Muhammad. He was a pedophile, a rapist, a thief and a lier. And while you will claim he wasn’t a lier because you don’t believe it is true can you honestly say that the rest isn’t true when it is written in you holy books?

    Please talk about the Talmud, really go for it, I haven’t read the thing not being a Jew and all. Plus last time I checked – correct me if I’m wrong – but the Talmud isn’t necessarily considered canon is it? But even if we do take the Talmud and what it might say does the Koran not say the same things if not worse? What about the Hadith?

    They say never come to a gun fight with a knife, in your case you came to a nuclear war armed with herpes and a dead underage male prostitute.

  9. T, I don’t know if I could have said if better but I still got to fuck with this donkey rapist. Or both donkey rapists. Fuck I don’t know and I don’t care either.

    Hey immortal why are you wasting your time here when you could be out trying to kill the guys that make South Park for that piece of shit thing you think is a god you call Allah? Really Allah is a god? Are you sure? Granted if he is one he is the kind of stupid. You have to be a really big fucking moron of a god to use Muhammad as a prophet. Think about it bitch, Allah goes down to earth to find himself a sucker to be his prophet and the best he can do is an illiterate baby rapist. The assholes that wrote the Koran and Hadith were not even smart enough to hide the fact that Allah’s prophet was illiterate. Hell fucksucker, they admitted that shit. The fuckhole you call a god is a joke, Allah is a lie, and even if he did exists he doesn’t deserve anything other than contempt and a good ass kicking. Now why don’t you shut the fuck up, go back to being rapped by your uncle and wait for the day your family finally lets you fuck the shit you of your 9 year old cousin and call it a marriage!

    Fatwa my dick bitches!

  10. I’ve said it to everyone I come across. In eight years, I haven’t met ONE PERSON who could refute what I say. Never will either, because the facts stand just as I speak them. If you’re jewish, you subscribe to racism, supremacism, and hatred for non-jews. Your own talmud is full of it. If you’re a jew, you believe it’s OK to have sex with children, as per your own doctrine. Where’s the good in that?

  11. Oh get real. Let’s see, israel bombed the shit out of Palestine for Passover with depleted uranium and DIME weapons on an unarmed and starving populous. You shoot Palestinians for sport, and then sport t-shirts with pregnant women in crosshairs saying “one shot two kills”. You jews are some sick mother fuckers. Nothing amazing about apartheid, ethnic cleansing, israeli “settlements” where you bulldoze people like Rachel Corrie so you can wreck Palestinians homes. Fucking sick.

  12. and to you japanese guy nothing to say …. i respect japenese people… because thy’re real…. lets hope you dont get dragged in too.

  13. Jews are incapable of being truthful about anything. The rabbis figured out long ago that deception would always serve the jews far better than truthfulness due to their inherent wickedness. Jewish children are taught starting from the crib that deception rules over truthfulness. The holocaust fraud which opened the door for the theft of Palestine and subsequent control of those coveted trade routes is greatest example.

    “The dirty tricks of Zionism are not yet finished.” – Ariel Sharon …..

    lets hope that you ladies and gentle men start realizing the truth

  14. i oppoligize for using the word jew alot, some should be replaced by zionist

  15. i dont like to be rude but i will speak the truth no matter who you are … the truth hurts but you just have to face it ….

  16. Kid, learn how to read. The guy that runs this website would be me. You know that Japanese guy? If you don’t want to drag some poor Japanese guy into this don’t post inane crap on his website. Plus you don’t need to post that many times for fucks sake. Next time get all the crazy out in one go.

    Now for the Jewish thing. Um, this post wasn’t about Jews or even Israel. It was about Muhammad who we all know liked to fuck children and encouraged his followers to rape murder and steal. You claim the Talmud says to rape children, OK, but like I have already said that it’s not considered canon or authoritative by many Jews so what of it? Does the Torah say those same things? Like I said this post was not about Judaism it was about Islam and Muhammad. Can you defend his actions? I’m going to go with you can’t because otherwise you would have done so in the first place rather than start yelling about Jews and Israel two things that had nothing to do with this post. Further more no one that writes for this website is Jewish so stop trying to claim that we are in your attacks. It just makes you look like more of an idiot than you already are (if that is possible). Do we have a problem with the Jewish people? No we do not, do we have a problem with Islam? Yes, yes we do. We also have a problem with Scientology because much like Islam it was a lie and a scam created by a crazy person.

    Now if you bitch that Israel bombs the Palestinians, OK but don’t the Palestinians bomb the shit out of Israel every chance they get or is that somehow OK because they are only killing Jews? Wait don’t bother to answer that I know you don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit when Israel bombs the fuck out of Palestine and you don’t give a shit when Palestine bombs Israel. I actually encourage Israel to bomb the fuck out of Palestine, I don’t think they do it enough and I think they should use much bigger bombs when they do it. Like I said we are not Jewish, we do however support Israel

    Rachel Corrie was a moron that decided to sit in front of a bulldozer to protect terrorists. I could care less about her. In fact I have spent some time on this website making fun of her stupid ass. I believe the term is called “bulldozer tag”, look it up, it’s hilarious.

    If you think the Holocaust was a lie you are either incredibly stupid or insane. Would you like to tell me the Earth is flat, the moon landing was faked and you can know peoples fortunes by reading the entrails of goats?

    Come back when you can talk about the subject of the post and stop bitching about Jews and Israel or I will just start changing all you comments so it looks like you are yelling about fucking goats and how you have AIDS. I know it’s a dick move but everyone else will find it funny.

  17. abbienetvision – you are so very lost. You surely know how to preach but fail to see upon yourself. There’s no point in trying to explain Islam, the Qur’an and Muhammad to you. All these are only meant for those who see with their hearts, and of course with a certain level of intelligence of not quoting something out of context. This is such a poor page, with minimal understanding on Islam and especially Muhammad. Get a life y’all. What a waste of time
    Astaghfirullah. May Allah give those who are very very ignorant some enlightenment. And may He forgive all your sins. What a shameful page of plain ignorance.
    Many influential learned lecturers from Havard, Oxford, and US universities, as well as Micheal Hart, who has wrote a Best Seller titled “A ranking of 100 Most Men in History” rates Prophet Muhammad pbuh, the number ONE ! Based on research, facts and objectivity. Not idiocracy.

  18. You know for someone that claimed the Holocaust was a lie it’s a bit funny when you try to talk about facts.

    Fact: Muhammad liked to fuck children, he even went so far as to marry one.

    Fact: Michael Hart wrote a book whose title is very poorly worded to the point of not making sense unless you screwed up the title. But if you didn’t I would take what that guy says seriously.

    Fact: The book you are talking about is “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”, not “A ranking of 100 Most Men in History”. Just because someone is influential does not mean they are a good person or their influence was good. Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin were also on the list and they murdered millions of people. Granted the Author took them out of latter additions but that just means that he has to keep changing his list because he might not know what the fuck he is talking about.

    Fact: Anyone can make a list of 100 people they think are great, anyone and we don’t have to give a shit.

    Fact: I am not lost I know exactly where I am and who I am, and I don’t need the help of a deranged 7th century baby raping warlord to help me find myself.

    Fact: Shouldn’t you be out trying to kill infidels instead of posting poorly worded inanities and antisemitic rants on this website?

    Fact: You’re fun to fuck with.

  19. look back about beginning of usa and canada and before that too, the french married 8 year olds when they are at the age 70, this is history this kind of stuff happens all the time back then, now society has changed and people change. if you read the old testament it says that god is one and god alone he said that he will never have a son or a daughter, but in the new testament it says god is one but god has a son. god does not make mistakes who change his mind.

  20. the Muslims are the most people who really don’t care about this world. I will simply explained it; the Muslims:
    1- Don’t make Adulteries and we don’t encourage that
    2- they don’t consume alcohol unlike you guys
    3- Respecting and honoring our parents unlike you guys, knowing your parents maybe just in the mother day
    4- respecting and loving the neighbors, but you guys are really don’t know your neighbors names
    5- revise the 10 commandments and see on which nation they apply more 1 month ago

  21. OK so Assholes did the pedophile shit all over but it is only in Muslim countries where it is still legal. Like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, fuck it, the Muslim world.

    You are ignorant of the concept of either the New or Old Testament so don’t even bother bringing it up.

    Yes society has changed. In the civilized world people do not marry children, however in the Muslim world it is very common and normal.

    Alcohol is the least of the worlds problems. So what if you don’t drink, Ever hear about the Dancing Boys Of Afghanistan? you know were Muslim men rape children, male children? Oh, but being gay is a sin in Islam but raping young boys isn’t?

    Alcohol isn’t a sin, or wrong if only used in moderation. The god of Abraham let people drink, Jesus turned water into wine. It wasn’t wrong. If you believe in the god of Abraham you cannot say alcohol is a sin.

    Does any child respect his parents as they should? No they don’t, the difference is when we do it we don’t get murdered for it. We love our children enough not to honor kill their asses if the step a little out of line, that way we can still try to guide them in the right path.

    Yes we respect our mothers, we also don’t force them or our sisters into second class status and force them to wear tarps over themselves and not allow them to go into public. We also don’t kill women for the crime of talking to a boy. Keep your honor killings we are civilized you are barbarians who still live in the 7th century

    You don’t respect your neighbors, you try to kill them all the time. If you are a Sunni and you neighbor isn’t a Sunni you try to kill them. you hate each other as much as you have everyone else. So don’t give me that bullshit about Islam being about peace and happiness and all that crap. you are about war, rap, murder, theft and control. Islam is evil. I don’t know if the Devil exists but if he does his name is Allah.

    At no point does the Muslim world uphold the Ten Commandments. They are murderers, rapists, thieves, liars and if you think the god of the Ten Commandments is real they worship a false idol.

    Come back when you have an argument and any real fight. You think you have won in your mind, but that is because your mind is warped and rotten from the ideas of Islam and Muhammad. You have lost, truly you have already lost yet you fight on in spite of your own failure and ignorance. Give up and find a Religion. I am not telling you what one but find a real religion that at least makes some sense. I’ll give you a hint, if it’s Islam or Scientology its a fucked up cult filled with crazy assholes. Find something else.

  22. T, don’t bother talking to this fuck, he’s just some asshat that fucks his sister and yells about infidels. Immortal fuck you, kill yourself. if you are not smart enough to understand that Islam is a joke and a gutter religion that prays off the idiocy of the week kill yourself because you suck. Wake the fuck up and become a person. A true human and a real person not some moronic follower of an insane cult of pedophiles, rapist and thieves.

    Really I have no respect for Muhammad. Muhammad was a fucking cunt and an baby raping asshole. And If Allah exists – something I doubt – He is a fuck too. If Allah does exist why the fuck would he pick a fucking piece of shit like Muhammad as his prophet? If Allah is so great what would he find an illiterate pervert and fuck like Muhammad to be his prophet? A True god would not! Allah is a lie there is not Allah. Your god is a fake and your prophet a lie.

    Fuck you, you fucking bitch!

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