The BS and the Assault Weapon Ban


So the “Assault Weapon Ban” looks like it is up on the table again so I guess it is time to go stock up on things before they push that travesty through congress.  I have a lot of problems with the Ban so let’s go over them.

One of the things that was talked about was the “cop killer bullets”.  Now let me explain the idiocy in this idea.  The first problem I have with something being called a cop killer bullet is that any bullet can kill, yes some do a better job than others.  My second problem with this is the fact that the Second Amendment – you might have heard of it, it’s in the US Constitution or something – Is designed to allow the people to have arms for the purpose of self defense.  Let me explain something to the people out there that are confused over what I’m talking about.  The more effective a bullet is in either killing or disabling it’s target the more effective that bullet is in self defense (you know the point of the 2nd Amendment).  Another thing is that these same “cop killer” bullets people are crying about is the ammunition used by law enforcement.  Wait… What???????

Wait, But I thought they where only used to kill cops, hence the name “Cop Killer Bullets”?

There is no such thing as “cop killer bullets”.  What people call cop killers are just a type of ammunition that’s primary purpose is for either self defense or for law enforcement because of it’s higher effectiveness in stopping people.  Yes that does mean killing people, but when your life is on the line what do you want in your clip?  I use the stuff and last time I checked I haven’t killed any cops.  It’s not like the stuff has a mind of it’s own and runs off at night to kill the local police Sargent.

Yes criminals do use the stuff and that is why I sure as hell use it to because I don’t want to be out gunned by the local gang bangers and other assorted scum suckers.  Granted I can almost guarantee that I am a much better shot than 99% of all the criminals out there – a professional hitman would be tough – since I have spent a lot of time at the range and have military training in the use of small arms but I’m still not going to be taking any chances with my life or the lives of my friends and family.

Another thing about the ban is it primarily targets how a gun looks and nothing else.  Basically a gun is made illegal because it looks like a gun used by the military.  The big difference is that none of these guns are fully automatic.  Yes an AR-15 fires the same bullets that an M-16 does but so do a lot of other guns.   The ammo used is also nowhere near the most powerful rifle ammunition on the market, nor are they the most powerful rifles themselves.   So in the end it’s all about the fact a bunch of people think these guns look scarry OH NOES!!!!

Now let’s talk about clip size.  5 people break into your house do you want a gun that can carry only 5 bullets or one that can hold 15?  Trust me a person gunned to the gills on speed can shrug off more bullets than you would like to think about.

Don’t believe me?  Let me tell you a story from a teacher of mine and a Vietnam Vet:

While guarding the post the platoon came under attack one of the VC soldiers was a child about the age of nine.  The child charged their post firing an AK-47 at then, the child had been doped to the gills on opium, a common tactic the VC used on children to get them to fight.  Now you might ask; “How does one shoot a child?”  How?  Well you do, you have to he is shooting at you and it’s you or him.  An adult took a child gave him a gun, drugged him and sent him to kill you.  It’s war and war is hell and all that messiness but back to the point.  They shot him and he kept coming they shot him so many times they could see through holes in this child and he still kept coming.  Now mind you they where using M-16’s on full auto and this kid was so drugged that it wasn’t doing anything to stop him.  Finally after wasting a large amount of ammo on this poor child someone finally shot the kid with an M72 LAW (that would be a bazooka).  The rocket went right through the poor drugged kid and he still tried to take a couple more steps before he finally fell dead in front of my teachers post.

Now I’ll ask you again; how many bullets do you want your clip to hold when it comes down to you facing off with a bunch of drugged out and homicidal men in the middle of the night?  Remember these are men not children.

Another fun twist to the new Assault Weapons Ban or idiotic logic is that it will help stop the violence of Mexican drug cartels in Mexico.  Um, if we are really worried about Mexican drug cartels getting weapons from the US shouldn’t we do more to SECURE THE FUCKING BORDER ALREADY????  Also if Mexico doesn’t want weapons coming through the border they might want to help out on this whole thing now don’t you think? This is a joke maybe Mexico should do more to try to stop the cartels and maybe try to stop the fact that every other Mexican politician and cop is on the cartels payroll.  How about that one.  Mexico doesn’t want the border secured because they like the fact that they can keep sending a stream of illegals  over the border rather than actually fix the problems in their own country and deal with those people there.  This is a joke if the administration wants to stop the flow of guns just secure the border already don’t use this an excuse to make your little gun grab sound better.  Further more it’s an outright lie that 90% of all illegal guns in Mexico come from the US, the real number is only 17% at most.

I’m done with my rant for now, I am not going to go into the Second Amendment here but if you want to read more you can go here for my take on the DC vs. Heller case or just go here for all the things I have written that deal with –  at least partially – on the topic of gun control.



  1. The only problem with your post in today’s ignorant, touchy-feely, feminine world is the abundance of common sense.

    The writing was on the wall prior to the election America, hussein and the left want your guns, they want them all and they want them yesterday. They’ll start one by one by giving any bullsh*t excuse that the stupid and ignorant will swallow. They’ll never stop at assault rifles, they want every gun you got, every knife and every other weapon you have.

    They don’t care that they can’t disarm the criminals, they don’t give a rat’s ass how many of you are killed because you are defenseless, trust me, i live in a country that has given up its guns and weapons. It’s the same over much of the western world, Britain, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. We were stupid enough to give up our guns, thinking the scumbags lording over us give a shit about us. It’s been years and we’re still getting shot, stabbed, bashed, mugged and beaten to death by criminal scum. Don’t bother looking to the bastards who supposedly care for us to change the laws or bloody do something.

    No matter how many are killed off, they’ll never give us our guns back, because they know without weapons of any sort, we cannot fight back, we cannot resist them when they take more and more of our freedoms away everyday.

    They think the same way in America, fight them at every turn, give them nothing, give up none of your weapons, for they will never stop until you too become a nation of cowards.

  2. Oh there are already a ton of cowards here. The good thing so far is that there are still a lot of people who aren’t and I’m hoping they stay that way. The problem is that not enough people are fighting back and a lot of people are just apathetic and just refuse to pay attention to what is going on in the world or even their own cities.

    It is sad that you pay more attention and fight back more for the rights of people in the US than a lot of people here do. It is good to know however that their are still people in the rest of the world that understand what is going on and hopefully you might help your own country pull it’s head out of it’s ass one day and get back the rights you have lost.

    On the plus side at least Australia isn’t quite as bad as Britain is. That place makes most Third World shit holes look like paradise.

  3. Here, in Canada, we are already ‘neutralized’ – and neutered!!! Don’t let this happen to you!

  4. I won’t but every day it is looking like I’m going to end up being that last crazy guy sitting in a shack in the wood with a whole ton of things normal people shouldn’t have in their living rooms.

    Well half my friends from high school and I where going to end up like that anyway but we always figured it wouldn’t be till we where 65 or 70. Now it’s looking like it’s going to happen before I turn 30. Well at least I still don’t believe the 9/11 Truthers or the moon landing was faked, I might be crazy but those kids make honest nutcases look bad.

    Half the country has their head in the sand while our own government and the U.N. are looking at us like we are the Sudetenland.

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