SFSU students attacked for offending terrorists.

A group of students at San Francisco State University are angry at the College Republicans for desecrating a Hamas flag.  They went so far as to attack people and even the cops.

Yes A Hamas flag!!!

What the hell?  Yes the Hamas flag does have stuff written on it about Allah and all that junk so I guess you want to say it is descrating sacred crap about Allah and all that but isn’t the fact that a group of nihilistic and genocidal terrorist use Allah to justify their actions worse than tossing a shoe at a flag?  Isn’t the actions of Hamas worse than stepping on a Hamas flag? I see it this way, I wouldn’t desecrate my own urine by pissing on the Hamas flag.

On the College Republicans blog we learn this little bit of fun:

“In response to the College Republican’s anti-Hamas event held on Wednesday the “offended parties” have banded together to push the school to punish the College Republicans for throwing shoes at the Hamas Flag. Over the next few days the coalition will release a statement making the following demands:

– Authorities must drop all charges pending against Muhammad Abdullah and Jeremy Stern, the two protesters that assaulted the College Republicans and stole their property.

– The school must sanction/punish the College Republicans for throwing shoes at the Hamas flag.

– The groups must organize a forum to “educate” students about what forms of speech are not acceptable according to the offended parties, specifically the always ambiguous “hate speech.”

Lets be clear on this, the two students where arrested for assault and theft! I know this is San Francisco the homeland of every moron, communist, asshole and hippie loser in America but come the fuck on people!

The fact that left wingers are defending fighting with Hamas supporters reminds me of the concept of feeding the crocodile.  You might be hoping he eats you last but the rest of us don’t feel like being eaten.   If you want to side with terrorists and genocidal scum feel free but you might want to stay out of the way because the sane people are going to fight.

Anybody ever hear the term Useful Idiots?  That’s what you are.

Let me explain something to people that don’t understand the concept of Fee Speech.  Freedom of Speech – enshrined in the 1st Amendment  of the US Constitution – gives you the right to say whatever you want even if it offends someone.  Period that’s it!  If you can’t take that move to a country that doesn’t have Free Speech like North Korea, you’ll love it their trust me.

For anyone out there that wants to attack me for what I say the US Constitution also has this thing called the 2nd Amendment and I will use it!



  1. Thanks for blogging about this story, doesn’t surprise me in the least that leftist scum would be offended on behalf of their terrorist scumbag allies.

    They wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow if those students were to burn an American flag, but not a Hamas flag, never in a million years.

  2. […] College Republicans [Hat tip Letters to a Dying Dream] – An anonymous source from inside the Palestinian Club and the Socialist club at SFSU has provided […]

  3. Hope you don’t mind, i have spread the word on this, with attribution back to you off course.

  4. Anytime, we need to get the word out on these types of things.

  5. Video:

    Very entertaining. I love the black chick in tears at 1:30.

    (I don’t mean I love her! Or that I want her to cry. Just that it’ a good laugh when she does)

  6. We should start printing toilet paper with the Hamas flag on it. That way the flag could do the most useful thing it has ever done in history, clean my ass.

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