How to make a crappy movie.

I just watched the film “Blindness” and before you stop caring, I want to say that I’m not going to do a film review here.  I would however say that unless you have either not seen the movie or have no plans on doing so I would quit reading now and do something else because I’m going to ruin it for you, although that might save you from wasting your time on this tripe.

To get people up to speed the whole thing is about a sudden outbreak or blindness among people  of unknown origin and the newly blind are shoved into quarantine in what I can only assume is an old mental hospital.  The main character is a woman who pretends she is blind so that she can go with her husband and she spends the movie pretending she is blind for the most part.  Well anyway everything in the asylum breaks down to the point that a group of people take over all the food rations and demand first jewelery for food and then sex.  Well the big problem is as the only person who can see why the hell didn’t the woman take care of the bastards that couldn’t see?  Really she even goes with the other girls to get raped like the rest of them rather then fighting back something that should have been quite easy to do.  I understand the whole breakdown of society thing in the film but come the fuck on?  How could someone who obviously had the upper hand not have taken some sort of measures to stop the rape of all the girls she was supposed to be friends with much less go with them to the party?  The sad thing is the whole time she herself already had weapons she could use and how hard is it to sneak up on someone who is newly blind and couldn’t possibly  have gained the extra boost to their other senses that blindness eventually gives a person?  It’s not a movie about the breakdown of society society and humanity has already broken down for a person to sit by and watch while atrocities are committed in front of them much less allow them to happen to themselves.  And don’t give me that shit about it’s hard to stand up and fight.  It might be when you’re helpless but it isn’t when you have the advantage and know it.

Had it been me I would have killed the bastards trying to take advantage of other people long before anything like the mass rape that occurred could have happened.

And the end.  What the hell was that?  Oh lets not explain anything, people just suddenly started getting their sight back?  What?  It made no sense at all.

The only thing I got out of this movie are that some people suck so hard that they sit back and let terrible things happen to them and their friends even when they know they can stop it and that this movie blows.



  1. Thanks for saving me from suffering through that movie. Those kinds of plots are so completely annoying that I probably would have walked out. Sorry that you had to waste the money on it!

  2. It’s was a rental so not that much money but it was a waste of two hours of my life I will never get back.

  3. Thanks for saving me the trouble of watching that crap.

  4. OK – I don’t watch many movies, and have not seen this one. So, I am going ONLY by YOUR DESCRIPTION.

    Have you considered this might be a social criticism of our reaction – or, rather, the lack thereof – to Islamism???

    We are letting our friends be raped – and we are even going along to the party, as you say – even though we can plainly SEE what is going on. We just don’t have the guts to say anything about it, or to fight it in any meaningful way….

    Could this be a very cleverly (perhaps TOO cleverly) hidden call to action?

  5. Well the book that the movie was based on was published in 1995 so at least in the original source that would not have been the intention and nothing I have read about the film would suggest otherwise. Although it is a very good way to look at it in the context of the world even if it wasn’t the true intention of the story.

    If you want to see a bunch of people sit by while the world burns around them you can go visit the UN where all the worlds scum go to hang out. They sit around talking piously about human rights and peace while sucking up to every tyrant and thug on the planet.

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