Man speaks freely, Britain poops pants.

EnglandRemember the old joke about French Army officers wearing brown pants, well I think you can now safely say that the police and the politicians in the UK should probably start stocking up on them too.  If it wasn’t bad enough watching the videos of the police running away from angry and violent protesters many of who had the balls to actually attack the police officers, now this:

“The British government has banned Dutch right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders from visiting the country to show his anti-Islam film “Fitna” at the Houses of Parliament.”

Yes The have banned a member of the Dutch Parliament because the said some things that would make Jihadies angry.  Last time I checked there wasn’t a stipulation in the concept of “Free Speech” that said if something gives someone out there a little booboo that it can’t be said.  Yes we wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of a religion that was started by a warlord, slave trader, rapist and pedophile now would we.  Well I guess the British don’t want to considering there own police run like scarred little girls the second a bunch of thugs they are supposed to be protecting the people from start a riot.  The Jihadies get angry and violent over everything, Cartoons, the fact Jews are alowed to live, everything.   Well not everything I haven’t heard anything about them getting angry over the fact that the Prophet Muhammad raped a nine year old girl and called it a marriage, but they do get angy if you mention it as if it was a bad thing.  Maybe you should just give up and let them burn down the world?  Does that sound like a good plan?


Neville Chamberlain would be embarrassed by this, who having done everything possibly to avoid war in Europe and to appease Hitler, did declare war on Germany when he realized the errors of his ways.  Chamberlain eventually resigned allowing Churchill one of his biggest critics to take over and give the Germans what they had coming.

I would like to apologize for my comments in an earlier post where I called the United Kingdom a “A nation of Neville Chamberlains surrounded by Islamic fanatics eager for your subjugation.”  It’s not a country of Neville Chamberlains, it’s worse then that!  It is an insult to Chamberlain who at least in the end saw the error of his ways, and unlike today did not have himself as an example of what happens when you suck up to and prostrate yourselves before tyrants.  What is your excuse?

It gets better or at least funny to a point.

“Dutch politician Geert Wilders says he’s flying to Great Britain despite a government order banning him from entering the country, and he’s daring the “weak and cowardly” British government to arrest him when he gets there…

British embassy told him his exclusion would be legal if “justified on grounds of public policy and/or public security.”

The 45-year-old lawmaker said he was bewildered by the ban.

“Threat to society? I’m an elected member of Parliament; I have done nothing wrong,” he told Dutch radio. “I’m a normal, law-abiding democrat. You might agree or disagree with my political point of view, but I’m no threat to anyone.”

Yes Wilders is a threat to society but the thugs that attacked the cops without fear of reprisal or even arrest are not?

Lord Malcolm Pearson, the man who had originally asked Wilders to address the Parliament, had this to say about the situation:

“I was very surprised the British government should have become so weak and useless that it denies a European member of parliament the right to free speech in the mother of parliaments.”

Well at least there is one person in the British Government that isn’t running away with a full diaper, but sadly what can one man do?  On the whole Britain is a nation of cowards.   you emasculated yourselves and let the government – one that barley even pretends to protect it’s citizens – take massive control over your lives.

Are you really going to arrest a man over Free Speech?  Isn’t Freedom of Speech supposed to be considered a right?  Do you really want to violate a mans Natural Rights his Human Rights because it makes thugs unhappy?  Are you going to stand up and take back your rights, your country and your dignity or just buy more brown pants?


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