Iconography in The Cult of Obama.

obamacult-12Can we have one day the cult surrounding Obammers doesn’t get creepier by the hour?

And the answer I guess is… No, no we can’t.

The Obama Face Gallery or whatever they want to call it.  A place that you can merge your face in with Obammers and tell the world what part of Obama you see yourself in or what part of you, you see Obama in.

STOP IT!!!  REALLY JUST FUCKING STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!!!  It’s has gone way to far and you all need to take a little time away and chill.

He is a politician!   He isn’t Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi and JFK all rolled into one!  OBAMA IS A POLITICIAN JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER POLITICIAN ON THE PLANET!  Trust me I understand the world lost it’s fucking mind, and I highly doubt that it’s going to come out of it’s collective insanity any time soon, but really people can we at least fake like we are not all batshit crazy?  It’s like half the country drank the Kool-Aid down in Obamatown and is overdosing on Hope and Change rather than potassium cyanide.  If this gets any worse I’m going to start wishing it really was potassium cyanide so I would never have to hear this nonsense again.  We are not supposed to be living in a totalitarian country run by some God King who we must fear and love.  Does anyone remember the concept of “Separation of Church and State”?

Is the Detroit Free Press a real paper?  Something tells me you shouldn’t calling yourself the FREE PRESS while spilling out propaganda for The Cult of Obammers, unless you have some large affinity for Orwellian doublespeak.



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