Oh hellz yes!



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  1. It was a fun game to watch wasn’t it?

    Being a Niners fan I wanted both teams to lose really, If the Steelers won (which they did) then they would take the crown of the most Superbowls (we were tied with the cowboys and steelers with 5). If Cardinals win, well let me you tell you, remember that Monday Night game between the Niners and Cardinals? Yeah if we would’ve got in the end zone at the end of the game, the cardinals would have been 8-8 we would have been 8-8 and we would win the tie breaker, so in theory the Niners were really one yard away from the superbowl (and we would have beat the steelers). I mean if the cardinals can do it, why not the Niners? Plus, f the cardinals I hate them.

    Can’t you tell I am still hung up on that game.

    Larry Fitz should have won the MVP even though they lost.

    All in all top ten superbowl game of all time, but it could have been better. The Z’s played a too big of a roll in the outcome.

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