Zombies that can fly.

zombiesI’m glad the Republicans finally showed some sense and a little backbone in the House and voted against this Bullshit joke of a “stimulus ” bill, that and only 11 House Democrats (but at least some of them saw the light).  Yeah I know it passed but I’m glad at least some people stood up and fought against the bloody thing.  Granted I wouldn’t be very willing to go along with Obammers – the guy that promised a new era of bipartisanship, change and a new tone in D.C. – When he made sure he completely left the entire Republican party out of the drafting of this bill.

Why is this crap bad you ask?  Isn’t it just to help the economy?  Well it won’t since only 7% of the money will ever get used in the near future, you know when it might actually matter!  Most of it will takes years to be used and by that point it really isn’t a stimulus bill it’s just a whole ton of spending increases mostly for politicians pet projects (FYI it’s called pork).  All they are doing is stealing more money from our children to help pay for the mistakes they have made.

I will give ten thousand dollars to anyone who can tell me how this is even constitutional.  Now before you start in on me about that READ THE CONSTITUTION FIRST!

They have crap in the thing that will give money to ACORN!  Remember them the “non-partisan” organization that always supports left wing politicians and has a thing for voter fraud?  Yeah that ACORN!  Billions of dollars in this bill have absolutely nothing to do with job growth, something that was supposed to be the whole point of this bill in the first place.  You want to grow job?  Cut taxes.  It’s simple the more money people have to keep and the more money companies have to keep the more they have to invest, start businesses employ people.  Things that grow the economy.  No instead we want to give money to the same people that helped us get into this mess (like ACORN).

Why do I pick on ACORN?  Well other then the fact they barley hide the fact they are a Marxist and highly partisan organization that gets 40% of their funds from the American taxpayer they where also one of the biggest supporters of the policies that cause the housing crisis.  Granted all the people that where involved in that mess somehow where able to blame George Bush for the whole thing even though he had been trying to fix the problem since 2001 and wasn’t able to since it’s Congress that makes laws not the President and since Congress didn’t want to fix it – in fact they wanted to keep making it worse – We are where we are today.  But it’s all Bush’s fault and since much of the media is so far in the fucking tank for the Democrats (and sucking Obammers dick like it’s the cure for cancer) that it isn’t funny they “forgot” to tell you the truth about what was really going on!  They are all lying to you! They knew the chance of you doing the research and finding the truth was slim and bet against you taking responsible for your own education on the issues and they won!     But like Obammers Chief of staff said:

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste …”

They wanted this shit to go down.

“What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.”

Yeah they wanted it they let this happen they fought for the things that made it happen so they could get power and the control they wanted so badly.  What he meant to say is it’s a chance to ram a bunch of shit down our throats we would usually not be willing to take, but in a crisis we would be to scared to pay attention to what was really going on.  Oh god, how they are right!  We walked blindly into their cult and worshiped at their temple.

I am reminded of an article by Simon Pegg writing about the newer zombie films and his complaint of the new fast ones vs. the old and slow.

“However (and herein lies the sublime artfulness of the slow zombie), their ineptitude actually makes them avoidable, at least for a while. If you’re careful, if you keep your wits about you, you can stave them off, even outstrip them – much as we strive to outstrip death. Drink less, cut out red meat, exercise, practice safe sex; these are our shotguns, our cricket bats, our farmhouses, our shopping malls. However, none of these things fully insulates us from the creeping dread that something so witless, so elemental may yet catch us unawares – the drunk driver, the cancer sleeping in the double helix, the legless ghoul dragging itself through the darkness towards our ankles.”

As Simon yelled about the zombie that can run, this is our government that has figured out how to do more than just run.  The slow creep of the hand of big brother is always there and only the few pay attention and fight while the rest wander their way to slavery.  This is worse!  This is not the simple ghoul, this is a demon.  One that will not be satisfied till you give your soul willingly in sacrifice to him and his cause.  This is the worst of things, the government becoming zombies that can fly!

I hate it here…


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