Shut the hell up already!!!

obamaphoneFor the people yelling at Rush Limbaugh because he said he wanted Obammers to fail and calling it un-American or unpatriotic let me tell you this.  FUCK YOU.  He doesn’t want America to fail he wants the policy proposals that Obama supports to fail to get enacted.  He wants them to fail and not get enacted because he doesn’t think they are good for the country.  I want Obama to fail.  I want all the things Obammers supports not to become law because trust me they will not be good for this country.  If they do get enacted it’s going to screw this country up more then is already is.  Think about it like this:

If you don’t agree with Obammers ideas because you think they are wrong what do you want?

A.  His ideas become law and the country fails because it’s a bad Idea.


B.  He fails at getting his ideas turned into law and the country is better for it.

Now you can have a different view on his ideas and believe that Obammers is making the correct choice and that’s a policy disagreement.  It happens.   You people didn’t like Bush and you spent the last eight years masturbating like monkeys overdosing on Viagra  on the hope of his assassination and all we want is for Obammers to not be able to pass a couple bills.

On the hypocrisy side of this silly debate is the fact that in 2006 a poll was taken that showed that 51% of the Democrats polled wanted Bush to fail.  I’ll let Larry Elder explain this one to you:

“But what of Democrats who rooted against the success of George W. Bush?

“Would you say you want President Bush to succeed or not?” asked an August 2006 Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll. The result? Ninety percent of Republicans wanted Bush to succeed, versus 7 percent who did not. Among independents, 63 percent wanted the President to succeed, compared with 34 percent who did not. What about Democrats? Forty percent wanted him to succeed, but 51 percent did not.

Did anybody care? One guy — Rush Limbaugh — publicly wishes for Obama’s liberalism to fail, and it’s call out the dogs. But when the majority of Democrats rooted for Bush’s failure, where was the outrage?”

Right so people call Rush unpatriotic for the same thing but no word was mentioned about this?  Some days I think if you take out Wealth Redistribution and identity politics from their political platform all the Democrats have is hypocrisy.

Really stop yelling already,  you are a bunch of morons.   It’s called free speech.


On another note you guys have figured out Obammers isn’t the Messiah  right?



  1. You have a keen political mind and are artful in your use of “Fuck You” as part of the great public discourse. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well thanks. I listen to way to much punk, so while not a very good thing in polite company the middle finger still means something, while the term punk rock unfortunately doesn’t anymore. Eh… they are all commies now anyway.

    But since you’re being sarcastic it doesn’t matter what we are talking about now does it?

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