Teaching our children to feel bad about success.

absolut_bsOK I am officially tired of this planet!  wanna know why kiddies?  This is an actually headline in the news:

“Girls Basketball Team Regrets Winning 100-0, Seeks Forfeit.”

What the bloody hell?  Oh but it does get better:

“DALLAS —  A Texas high school girls basketball team on the winning end of a 100-0 game has a case of blowout remorse.

Now officials from the winning school say they are trying to do the right thing by seeking a forfeit and apologizing for the margin of victory.”

Now mind you no cheating was involved in this whole thing.  So what the hell was the problem?

Really what are we teaching kids in school that they feel bad for accomplishing their goals and doing it well?  They are a basketball team, they are supposed to want to win it’s sports for the love of all that is holy.  Why are they even keeping score in the first place if this is how the the schools are going to act when oh god someone won a game of basketball!!!  This is stupid.  What we used to tell kids when they lost to keep trying job and if they keep trying next time they  can do better and we could use this to inspire them, while the team that won can feel good about their victory.  Just because the President has never accomplished anything with his life doesn’t mean we need to be teaching our children that it is wrong when they do.  Life has winners and losers it’s just the way the world works and if kids in high school don’t know know this and are taught to strive to win they are going to be screwed when they finally get tossed out of their mommy’s basements and have to live in the real world.

Do I feel bad for the other team?  Hell no!  Why would I, they want to play the game they need to play it and if they want to win they better play it well.  Yes they lost badly so what, let them use that to help them strive to do better next time.  Because if they never learn to pick themselves up after a defeat they are never going to make it in the real world.  The team that won good for you feal proud of your accomplishment  and remember that you might not win the next one and to always continue to strive for victory and never apologize for your success.  I will repeat that. YOU NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR SUCCESS! You earned it by working hard to achieve your goals!

Seriously what are we teaching our kids?  We fill them with false senses of self esteem but the second they do something to actually earn it they feal bad for doing so.  What it’s only OK to feal good about yourself when it’s unearned?  This is bullshit!  We are pumping out millions of emotionally educationally crippled kids into this country with crap like this.  Trust me if you think the country is screwed now just wait till we have a couple more generations of this shit and see where we all are.

I hate it here.

self esteem



  1. Trust me if you think the country is screwed now just wait till we have a couple more generations of this shit and see where we all are.

    Umm… we’ll be Britain?

  2. I’m voting for even worse then that.

  3. […] grief, texas style Posted on January 26, 2009 by melo It was ridiculous enough when the Covenant School of Dallas apologized for winning and forfeited their game against Dallas […]

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