The Government and the Truth.

The government does not care about you.  I work for the government and if you really want to know the truth I’ll tell you. We hate you and the only reason we don’t march you all off to camps is because the Army hates us (especially congress) even more then they hate the average dirty little twatwaffle living in Berkeley and all the douchebaggery that goes along with those hippies asshats and will be more then happy to blow us all the fuck away if given half an excuse.  Hell, the only reason the military hasn’t shot the fuck out of congress and taken over is that fact that they don’t want to have to deal with your simpering little asses all the time demanding handouts because you are to lazy or stupid to be responsible for your own lives.  The military blows shit up if you want a hug go talk to your mother.  Plus it’s easier for your mother to do it since you still live in her basement.

That’s why we have politicians because you can’t grow the fuck up and someone has to fake like they are mommy and daddy for all you little sheep out there.  The only difference is that some of your parents may have loved you while politicians hate a despise you but they love raping your ass every chance they get.  They fake like they care about your stupid problems long enough to get elected then they can go on a raping spree of not only you but the rest of the country as well.  Hell sometimes they rape other countries too!   Do you really think they want to “solve all of you problems”?  No they don’t because then they wouldn’t have a political platform to use to dupe you into voting for them.  Plus if these asshole were really smart enough to solve your problems for you they would be out of a job.  All they have to do is find a scapegoat like another political party, the rich, corporations, other countries, and they can fail forever and you idiots just keep pulling that lever for them?  Think about this. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Il-sung, Castro all talked about how much they loved the people and how they where there to save them. Now does anyone remember how that all turned out?

Yeah not fucking well.

Trust me is the government hates you and only considers you as chattel.  Now please be happy because your masters don’t like it when they think you might not be on board with their plans.


Between the two I guess I would be a moderate.


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  1. I have to say, working for the government taught me to hold most people in even less esteem than I did before I took the job. It also reaffirmed for me the general worthlessness of the civil service. I’d say that I’d never want to work for government again, but give Bambi some time and there might not be anything else left.

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