Obama’s Ascension to God King of the United Socialist Republic of America.

Affirmative Action President Woohoo!

Yeah I said it!

Wait I’m sorry I shouldn’t say that kind of stuff.  I am going to treat Obama with the same amount of respect and dignity that the left has treated Bush the last 8 years.

And by that I mean FUCK OBAMMERS!!!!!


Barak a man that has never held a real job nor ever made any real accomplishments in his whole life just became the President!  And if that doesn’t worry you, your head is probably barely good enough to be used as an ashtray.  That’s why I call him the Affirmative action president because just how affirmative action gives an unqualified person entrance into a University they will most likely fail out of, we just put an unqualified person in the White House.   Call me a racist if you want, I know I speak the truth, and I know a whole ton of Black people that are way more then qualified to be President and a few that I would downright fall over myself to vote for.  Obammers I wouldn’t put in charge of an ice cream cone.

Well now that he is President he can’t vote “present” all the time and he is going to have to pull his head out of his ass and actually accomplish something.  It will be new for him but luckily he has the entire Clinton White House (because that is the definition of change) to help make his decisions for him and change his fucking diaper.  Plus he has the media sucking his dick so hard that they would kill themselves before they let any of his fuck ups slip out into the press.

Can anyone tell me why they voted for him other then to try to prove to the rest of the world that they are not a racist?  Well other than the Black Panther members that stood outside polling stations threatening people (I know you voted for him only because he is black, well part black anyway), so I know you didn’t vote for Obammers to prove you are not racist, because you are all racist and proud of it.  Yeah you can call me a racist if you want, I could give two shits what you think.  I know what is in my heart and I know what isn’t in your head.  Plus it is easier to call me a racist and try to shut me down rather than bother to try to debate the facts.  And the fact is America just fell for a lot of meaningless rhetoric from a con man, but people want to call the folks out there that didn’t get suckered racist, fuck you, why don’t you look deep within your own heart and ask yourself why  race matters so much to you, you might not like what you see.  This isn’t about race it’s about the “content of his character ” you know the thing we are supposed to judge people on, and in that I see a wishy washy pinko that has never held down a respectable job nor accomplished anything except duping people into voting for him.  And that’s why I didn’t vote for him, not his race.

But wait the whole world loves Obammer don’t they?  Well let me explain the rest of the world to you?

Asia: Angry people who like to murder millions of their own people in the name of progress, gulags, military dictatorships, the intentional mutilation of children to be used as beggars,  sexual slavery, opium and the traffic in human organs harvested from executed political prisoners.    And I love Asia and I am still talking this much shit!

Africa: Ethnic cleansing, military dictatorships, civil war, slavery, cannibalism , female genital mutilation, piracy, rape considered a legitimate military tactic, child soldiers, Islamic extremism, and entire countries controlled by warlords.

Europe: The birthplace of almost every bad idea in all of history, pussies to scared of Muslim groups they let them run wild burning down half the country, backstabbing assholes,  Arrogant bastards that think they know everything yet can barley keep their own countries functioning.

Central and South America: Junta, and other Junta, Cocaine, FARC, governments that no matter how bad they fuck up the country still try to blame it all on the US rather then the fact they are reusing failed European political ideas even though they hate Europe too , MS13, drug smugglers, tuberculosis, mass emigration to get away from the shit holes they live in and their own governments, sexual slavery,  and Ecological destruction.

Middle East: Female genital mutilation, Islamic militancy, racism, hate, rage, murder, slavery, large scale child molestation, forced child marriage, stoning homosexuals, rape victims are considered the criminals, woman are considered property and allowed to be beaten, no human rights whatsoever, sexual slavery, no religious freedom, oppression of everyone especially woman and minorities and terrorism.

America: Hippies, junkies Hollywood, welfare recipients, gang bangers, illegal immigrants with drugs and tuberculosis, journalists, public radio, collage professors, lazy scum, leaches, Scientologists, The KKK, The Black Panthers, rap music, spoiled middle class children with causes, Chicago, teachers unions, serial killers, MTV, VH1, MSNBC, communists, San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, California, Georgia, New York, Michigan, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Al Gore, Louis Farrakhan and all his Nation of Islam racist assholes, Reality TV, The Daily Kos kids, Sean Penn, Mariah Carey, The Grateful Dead, Berkeley, Vegans, PETA, Keith Olbermann, The Sierra Club, George Clooney, and millions of other scum sucking fucktards that should never fucking breed.

OK granted that isn’t everyone but come the fuck on, the world is filled with crap, shit and fuck!  Who fucking cares what it thinks (trust me, it doesn’t).  I barely give a dead rats flying syphilitic ass about what most of America thinks (trust me, they don’t). Why they hell do I care what a bunch of warlords, militants, slave traders and communists think?  You think I’m wrong just look at the United Nations, that’s a group of scumsucking piles of rabid filth if I ever saw one.  These are the assholes that love Obammers, the fucking rapists, tyrants and murderers at the UN.

obama-god1Anyway back to Obammers.  I know the your lap dogs the media told you you where the next God King and your cult like followers think you are the Messiah  but when it all comes down to it all you really are is Jimmy Carter without the overt antisemitism, and if you hadn’t figured it out Jimmy Carter is not only just a raving pile of douche but the worst president in all of history!   I know people think you are some new and cool politician but I know you are from Chicago, a place so politically corrupt it could teach Robert Mugabe a few things.  Yeah you got bought and paid for in Chi-town just like every other Chicago machine politician and if that wasn’t enough all that time you where hanging with every degenerate pervert, Marxist terrorist and racist in town.

Some people might call me bitter and angry and to them I say; please go kill yourself before you have a chance to breed.  You think I am angry that McCain didn’t win?  Not really I’m angry the choices came down to those two clowns but if we are going to be lead by the circus I would rather have had the other clown, you know the one that has actually done something.   Still go kill yourself so I don’t have to pick up your welfare tab anymore.  Anyway back to the point I guess.

So congratulations, you and the media could dupe slightly over 50% of America who voted, to vote for you.  That still means that more people eligible to vote in America didn’t vote for you then did.  Have fun with that you arrogant little prick.



The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

~ Marcus Aurelius ~



  1. Agreed!!!

  2. Amen to that one brother!

  3. thanks….beautiful…….

    the Fkn Media created this shitpile (and stupid fks)

    40% of Obama supporters didn’t even know who controlled congress

  4. i cant wait till 2012 election, he wont be able to do any of his dumb ass ideas he campained on and will have no accomplishments besides spending tons of cash

  5. thanks for good reading, you summarized it great !!!

    I can’t wait the day when that arrogant clown is out of the office, and I’m so disappointed from many people I know that actually voted for him – I realized that I’m done with them, no respect for them anymore..

  6. you are a genius. i don’t feel so lonely anymore.

  7. There are a LOT of stupid people populating the United States of America — this is what happens with natural selection is interfered with. Unfortunately for us, these quite stupid people have the right to vote and they have every intention of voting our last dollar out of our pockets to keep and feed them. Have you ever seen a skinny welfare recipient? If you say “yes” please take the time to travel to the Deep South or at the very least review media footage of Hurricane Katrina. These are the “people” who make up a very large percentage of Hussein’s fan club. Please understand…. Stupid people are dangerous. You can sometimes alleviate ignorance, but generational stupidity is dangerous and irreversible. Until we DEMAND that our Congress-people and Senators do what is right by voting them out of office or demanding and getting term limits for ALL politicians, we are in deep trouble. I say bug the living daylights out of these elected morons and begin a grassroots lobbyist movement on our own since we seem to have no voice in Washington. Vote them ALL out of office.

  8. Thanks everyone it’s good to know someone else out there gets it.

    Denise, I agree with term limits. Two terms for the Senate and 4 terms for the House, and it would be nice to throw all the bums out and start over. I would say term limits on all state positions as well but the states have to do it themselves since the federal government can’t mandate that without getting rid of the 10th Amendment completely. I know most people in congress and the White House don’t remember what that is but it hasn’t been taken out of the constitution yet.

    American is one of the only places on this planet where fat people can call themselves poor. And I agree with the stupid. Ever see the movie Idiocy? The funniest part is where they are explaining how natural selection is turning us all into morons because the stupid people are out breading the smart people. Plus it doesn’t help that the public schools are basically set up to reward ignorance when they aren’t promoting propaganda of course. over 50% of all public school students can’t read at their grade level yet almost all of them somehow get promoted to the next grade.

    In a word we’re fucked.

    And Yes, in a world full of morons sometimes it’s better to be alone.

  9. I love how Obama keeps contradicting himself at every turn and thinking no one catches him. The guy is one fabrication after another. No lobbyists in my cabinet and then he hires two well paid whores for Defense and HHS. He puts a guy in charge of Treasury that willfully failed to pay his taxes and does not have a clue how to bail out the banks. The Obama stimulant /socialism plan is nothing but a bunch of payback money to his supporters and pork for every left wing cause. Yet the mighty one says no pork will be tolerated. First thing he does is suspend the 9-11 terrorists trials , close Gitmo and meet with Al_Arabia to “apologize” for disrespecting the Muslims- what a violation of national security. Send him back to Indonesia and his Madrassa!

  10. It doesn’t help that his VP said people who don’t want to pay more taxes are unpatriotic and then keeps nominating people that don’t pay their taxes.

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