Wait, I can’t even use Google now?

idiotsWell it’s official the world is one big cesspool of asshats, douchebaggery and fuck.   All we really needed was one more hysterical moronic  cockstain of a scientist with an agenda and probably a government grant stolen from the people (that would be taxpayers) making up more idiocy about  global warming.  Yes this douche has now shown that Google searches are killing the planet.  Yes I will continue to Google and maybe even Yahoo now and then.  Why because I don’t care!  Plus it’s cold as hell right now a little global warming sounds like a very good thing.

Here is what I’m going to do I am going to Google “Alex Wissner-Gross” and guess what I get? Why yes that is a picture of a raving douche bag.  Wow who would have thought?  As if the annoying hyphenated name isn’t as stupid enough this loser spends his time scaring people into not using a search engine because of this stupid global warming hoax.

Wait man made global warming isn’t real?  Why yes why don’t you check out sun cycles and things like that.  It”s global warming was man made how come at the same time people say the Earth was warming why was Mars warming as well?  Could it be the fucking sun you fools?    Hell just today Pravda is saying it’s global cooling and we are headed for the next ice age. I guess it’s time to hop on that money train and dup idiots out of cash for that “cause”.  I guess it’s time to start selling Global Cooling Indulgences… Sorry, Credits to all the stupid people out there before Al Gore corners the market on this crap too.

Yeah I know it’s Pravda and Pravda isn’t know for serious journalism but they do usually put out less propaganda and lies then the New York Times, even when they were controlled by the Soviets.


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