Now for something completely offensive:

Gay people shouldn’t…

1) Be allowed to celebrate Christmas.

2) Be allowed to Marry in a Christian Church: It’s a damn sacrament!

3) Be allowed to own/operate a camera of any kind! Including the ones you make in Jr. High out of an oatmeal container. They just gay up the pictures.

4) have facebook profiles that don’t include their sexual orientation. We all know you’re a fag…just say it!!!

5) Adopt children from any country other than Thailand…those kids are used to it.

6) throw their fudge packing ways in your face every chance they get.

7) be allowed to be friends with hot girls: Girls face it…we will never EVER be that guy, so bend over get the anal lube and take it like a …….only gay if you push back.

8) pretend like they are a special “protected” group. BLACK PEOPLE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!

9) Speak…ever, unless they are to say, “Holy fuck do I need a cock right now”

And finally: breath



  1. Thanks, I have now lost four of the last six literate readers I have. Unless people still believe in sarcasm…

  2. I must say I do apologize for my recent post. I will try to post more relevant things from now on, like how Israel should have never conceded any inch of soil to Hamas. Or the fact that our great saviour is now talking about cutting back on the middle class hand outs.

    Hopefully, I can gain back a couple of those readers you had.

  3. I was probably only deluding myself into thinking I had readers rather then people who click on a link by mistake.

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