Palaestina delenda est!

hamas-3People talk about Israel’s “disproportionate” response to OVER  6000 ROCKETS and over 4000 mortars fired by the Palestinians from Gaza at civilian targets inside Israel.  10,000 is a large amount of murderous weapons to throw at civilians when all you want is a little statehood isn’t it? During a cease fire no less.   Oh wait every time Israel offered statehood and other concessions (95% of all Palestinian demands) it was the Palestinians that rejected it and went back to suicide bombings and rocket fire.  When Gaza was turned over to complete Palestinian control why didn’t they start to build the state they always said they wanted?  Why when the Palestinians where given a chance to vote did they vote for Hamas a group of terrorists?  Why, because they don’t want peace and they certainly don’t want a state alongside Israel they want to kill every last Jew in the middle east they and they want Israel destroyed.  That is why they never bother to abide by any of the cease fires.

You want to talk about a proportionate attacks in war read this and think it over?

OK we back now?  Good let’s get going, the Palestinians are raised and taught in schools to be martyrs to hate the Jews and to want them all to die.  They are raised to idolize Hitler, suicide bombers and Hamas.  Children’s shows on TV spout hate and encourage murder.  The books Mein Kampf and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are some of the most popular books to the Palestinians.  Not to mention the TV shows featuring the evil Jews stealing babies to use the blood to make Matza bread.  They hate.  They hate.  They hate!  They raise their children to hate and murder.  And I am supposed to feel sorry for them when Israel finally says it has had enough and bombs the shit out of their sorry little ass?  Well I don’t, I never will.

From A. C. McCarthy at NRO:

“if you are the legitimate armed force of a sovereign state like Israel, you are expected to absorb an attack — or perhaps 6,000 attacks — before you even think about defending yourself . . . against perfidious attackers who must be regarded as civilians unless you are fortunate enough to catch them in the act.

For very sound reasons, this is not our law. Nor is it Israel’s. Governments with real security responsibilities cannot protect lives this way. If they try to do so, they are effectively elevating the lives of their enemies above their own populations. That would be inappropriate in any event, but it is especially inane when the enemy is the Palestinians. They have willingly chosen to be led by a terrorist group whose sworn mission is to obliterate a neighboring country. Of all the civilians on earth, they are the least deserving of such indulgence.”

Remember that the Palestinians voted in Hamas an organization whose sole purpose  is the annihilation  of Israel and the extermination of the Jews.  The Palestinian people overwhelmingly support this.  And I am supposed to fell bad for them?  OK I might feel bad for the 1% that does not want this but what can you do when the overwhelming majority want nothing more then terrorism and mass murder?  Maybe there is more than 1% but they never speak up and they don’t do anything to stop this.  palestinians

The parts of world look down on Israel for defending itself from barbarians and thugs and continue to justify every last act of murderous barbarism from the Palestinians.  Don’t give me shit about how more Palestinians died than  Israelis because it’s a joke.  The Palestinians started this.  Hamas hides their weapons in schools and mosques and within the civilian populations.  They launch their rockets and mortars from the civilian populations so as to have as big of a body count during a retaliation for propaganda purposes.  Hamas even kills any Palestinian they think doesn’t agree with them and then blames that on Israel as well.  The Palestinians go to local schools and grab children after class to use them in violent protests so they will get hurt for propaganda and when the parents complain they kill the parents as a warning to others not to try to stop them. They use their own people as human shields and the world wants to blame Israel for everything.  Israel does everything it can to minimize civilian casualties while the Palestinians do everything they can to maximize civilian casualties on both sides.  It’s war and civilian casualties are something to can you never completely stop but the Palestinians do it intentionally.

Well the world is filed with sick and demented people and cowards.  It was the Palestinians that celebrated every terrorist attack in the world not the Israelis.  Think about that one next time you suck up to these murderous bastards.  You won’t! You blindly support them just like people supported people like Stalin and Mao.  Well maybe you are not so blind but that only makes it worse.

People talk about Israel as if they are Nazis that just want to murder all the Palestinians as if it’s them and not the Palestinians who want genocide.  It’s sick… it’s a lie,  I’ll let Jonah Goldberg explain it to you:

“First, let us note that if supposedly all-powerful Israel is dedicated to exterminating the Palestinian people, it is doing a bad job. The Palestinian population has only grown since 1948. There are more Arab citizens living in Israel proper today than there were in all of Palestine the year Israel was founded.

“Perhaps one reason Israel fails at genocide is that it isn’t interested in genocide? That would explain why Israel warned thousands of Gazans by cell phone to leave homes near Hamas rocket stockpiles. It would clarify why, even amid all-out war, it offers aid to enemy civilians. It would even illuminate the otherwise mysterious clamor from Israelis for a viable “peace partner.”

The Muslim would hates Israel because they hate Jews, and they hate the fact that even without oil they are somehow able to make a better country then all the rest of them.  They use the Palestinians in a proxy war against Israel.  Iran and Syria gives them weapons while the rest do every possible to keep the Palestinians in camps and would never let them settle and live in their countries (aside from camps of course).  They don’t want peace they want to help stir up as much crap as they can so the Palestinians remain angry and filled with hatred for the Jews the Muslim world so despises.  They are angry because every time they tried to destroy Israel militarily they were soundly defeated by a tiny country with a much smaller army.  They are angry so they use the Palestinians as pawns and the Palestinians let them.  Even if Israel didn’t exist it’s not like the the Muslim world would be any more peaceful with the rest of the world, they never have been in their entire history and I don’t think they will stop anytime soon.  I guess it’s easier to blame all the problems in the Middle East on Israel rather then say the violent and oppressive nature of Islam.

hamas-2Finally if the Palestinians really want peace they need to stop teaching their kids to hate and glorify Terrorist.  They could have had a state a long time ago but it was them who refused to take the steps necessary  to get it.  It was them that has rejected every peace accord that would have given them a state because they refuse to let Israel exist.  Until the day the Palestinians lay down their arms renounce terrorism and hate and raise their children into being people and not potential martyrs I will never feel sorry for them, I will never care about them and I will never support them in any way.  Till that day keep bombing the hell out of their sorry little ass Israel!

Palaestina delenda est!



  1. If the supports of islam aka palestinians would bother to look at what the pally-estians print and show on thier local tv… They MIGHT change thier minds…

    But then agian…

  2. Right and people still glorify communism and how many people did that kill and enslave? They don’t care they what the Palestinians are all about they just want to use them as a tool for their own politics.

  3. As any student of Islam will tell you, the word literally translates to “Surrender” I’m having a mutual friend bring me back a prayer rug when they come back. I just want to try it out, one foot at time, then maybe a knee. Although my compass is broken, so I don’t think I’ll be praying in the correct direction…but when they come, I’ll just be able to rip out that bad boy and say, “SEE! I’m one of you guys! Where are my virgins?! If I don’t get my virgins, I’m claiming false advertising! And I’ll even beat my wife so you believe me!!!”

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