Israel, Palestine and fun

I wrote a post a bit ago about the Israel Palestinian thing and how to get peace there and I still think it is worth looking at.

So without further ado here are my recommendations to Israel:

1.  Wall off the Gaza strip and the west bank and let the Palestinians have it.

2.  Wall off Jerusalem from the Palestinians and never let a single one of them get anywhere near the city.

3.  Explain to the new Palestinian state that they are now on there own and to have fun making a life for themselves they got the land back.

4.  Further explain that any violence from the new Palestinian state directed toward Israel will be considered a declaration of war and will be met with such overwhelming force that entire Palestinian country will be called “New Carthage” for all eternity.

5.  Peace…

As a bonus I’ll give you this from TownHall:




  1. Good points, but unfortunately they won’t do it, they’re too good to just leave them Pali’s to their own devices. And that cartoon is 100% right, only thing i’d change is that it’s not just the Arab world. The rest of the world doesn’t care for the rockets into Israel too.

  2. Quite right. Yeah well I hope the world wakes up. Mumbai was only the latest fun but you would have thought that people would have woke up before that.

    The world didn’t care about Rwanda or Cambodia either. And they only fake like they care about Darfur. In reality people don’t care but they sometimes like to fake like they do as long as they don’t have to do shit about it. Thats why people like bitching about slavery in the west when it was ended in the 19th century but don’t make a peep about the fact that slavery still exists today.

    Fuck the world.

  3. True comment about slavery, the lovely arabs still practice it and yet we don’t hear of many calls for apologizing, reparations and what not.

    As for Darfur, i’m not sure but i think they eventually refused to call it a genocide. Yeah, the world as it stands only wants to criticize America, one of the only nations on this planet that can actually do something about evil in this world.

    I hope it never happens, but one day they might get their wish, however we won’t hear from them after that, because the darkness they refuse to acknowledge will consume them and their feeble voices.

  4. Excellent ideas.

    Israel needs a very high wall with no gates. Let the Arab countries take care of the Palestinians.

  5. That will not happen the Arab countries (Muslim countries as well) would rather use the Palestinians in their proxy war against Israel. That’s why they don’t let them into their countries or if they do keep them in refugee camps to keep them angry then shove weapons at them so they can keep fighting Israel. They don’t have enough guts to really got to wqar with Israel since they know how bad Israel thrashed them every time they have tried to destroy Israel in the past that the are affraid to go to war to they use the Palestinians as pawns.

    Funny thing about all of this is that the Palestinians are really just Arabs from the same ethnic group as the Syrians and Jordanians with “Palestinian” being an invented political term and not a real ethnic group.

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