The worlds most disturbing vending machine


Why yes that is a vending machine that sells used woman’s panties and no, I have no idea why someone would buy them but they do.  I guess it comes from the same place as people paying for an already chewed grape.



  1. They are great these machines. You sniff the panty and then wak off to the liberating and natural scent. It is better than a real woman cause much cheeper and smell so verry nice and like muskee..

  2. You should not be allowed around children, or anyone for that matter, and probably most animals too.

  3. what a bullshit. doesn’t say “USED” at all. obviously it’s brand new.

  4. I think it’s illegal to do it now but you can still get them at porn stores. I don’t know where this photo was taken but they had one of them in Shibuya on the hill by Atom and Club Asia. I haven’t seen a vending machine that sells whiskey in a while either, I’m not sure if they still have them.

    So I take it you can read Japanese?

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