Ranting for Rantings sake.

booze-kittenSo since I have spent most of my day listening to hardcore punk and drinking I guess it’s time for another little rant, or whatever the hell I do on here anyway…

Since I’m on the music kick I guess I’ll start with that.  What the hell happened to music lately?  Really come the fuck on people!  The only songs on the radio that almost don’t suck are ones from bands that haven’t been popular since at latest the mid 90’s.  Come on people try to wake the hell up and write a half decent song once in a while.    Granted I know the radio sucks and always has but when radio stations have to rehash the crap that was on when I was 14 since they can’t even find new crap to play we have a problem here don’t we?

If I started a band now would I look like the old guy trying to relive his youth or the old guy trying to bring back good music?  OK I might not be that old but how old is too old to start a punk band?

When you are 15 you go to a show and run into the pit get your ass kicked and wake up the next day feeling golden.  When you are around 30 you go to a show drink enough to run into the pit and get your ass kicked and wake up with a hangover and a bad back.  The good thing about this is that since most bands suck now you have less shows to go to so only hurt yourself every couple months.

Why the hell did Obama run his whole campaign off the idea of change then when he gets elected every person he picks for his team is either from the Clinton administration, an old D.C. insider or worked for Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac?  That’s not really change asshole it looks more like the crap we already had or still do you shithead!

Wait I know because you all got suckered morons!!!  What the fact he was a Chicago politician didn’t clue you assholes in?

I shouldn’t pick on Obammers considering the guy still needs to have someone change his diapers it’s not like he knows any better.  Well I shouldn’t pick on him but I will.

Really congratulations to Obammers I wish you well especially since I’m moving out of the country and will get to watch your stupid ass fuck up from several thousand miles away!

Why can’t Obama show his birth certificate?  Come on, the Obama is not a U.S. citizen thing is the easiest conspiracy to disprove!  Just show the thing.  Or is the fact you won’t proving the conspiracy right?  Hmm….

As a change of pace for the day I switched from Black Flag and the Cro-Mags to the Damned…  Not regretting that right now since it does go well with beer.

I had someone threaten to sue me for comments I made on someone else’s blog.  It was the funniest thing about this week.  Really you are going to sue someone for making fun of you on the internets?  Really?  Considering the fact you only post on the site to yell and swear at people is trying to sue them what you really want to try?  I know people are stupid but come the fuck on!  If you want to read the fun go here, or here.  Trust me any time that little Pocono talks is fun for the whole family.

In Islam the Prophet Mohammed married a six year old girl but waited to consummate the marriage (fuck) till the girl was nine.  When I said that was sick and there was no point that that was anything but rape and a terrible;e thing a person tried to defend against the my comments saying it was a beautiful thing and that I just had to think about the context of it.   When I asked in what context is a man in his fifties raping a nine year old girl a beautiful thing they stopped talking to me.  Apparently they realized they didn’t have any real arguments.

If Islam is the religion of peace why do they keep blowing shit up in Allah’s name?  It’s like the purest form of doublespeak I can think of.

Before people try to rush to the defense of Islam they might want to read up on the truth about it. Yes Mohammed was a pedophile and a rapist.  Even the freaks from Scientology can’t claim that kind of fucked up shit.

If you get offended by me talking about Islam I don’t care.  What I find really offensive is pedophiles and what just happened in India this week.

I wrote a 7,000 word article on Vietnam a month ago and haven’t figured out how to finish it, I should probably get on that.

The reason most casual sex is bad is the fact that you spent the last several hours at a bar getting drunk trying to have casual sex.  No matter how good you think you are after several beers and a ton of tequila shots you are not going to bring your A game.  the good thing about this is she is probably to dunk to care since if she was sober she probably wouldn’t of fucked you in the first place.

Also be nice enough to your kids never to tell them that their parents met by being the last resort at last call.  Lie to them and say something about dog walking in the park.

Since it’s thanksgiving I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for.  I’m thankful I’m not you!

And beer cause I likey the beer….  And Korean woman, but not Korean beer…

Well speaking of Thanksgiving I decided to forgo the turkey and get a duck.  Why?  Because the ducks that live in the park by my apartment are very easy to catch and there are not any turkeys living in the city.

Thousands of people have read my blog and I have no idea why.

A lot of people recently seem to be worried about their guns.  I say to them don’t worry about your guns worry about if they are loaded of not.  If there not loaded then worry.

I might not always be right but I’m not always wrong.  Some people however are always wrong it usually however takes practice or a degree in Sociology or Woman’s Studies.

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it hate speech. Sometimes it the truth and you just don’t want to admit it.

They say it takes more muscles to frown then it does to smile.  Well I’m not lazy…

Some days I think the only thing that keeps me going is hate… Well hate and gin anyway.

They say that anyone who likes children can’t be a bad person.  This is not true some people like kids a little too much.  They are very bad people.

Best movie line of the week:

“I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that all of platoon 4 will get a change of underwear this afternoon.  The bad news is that Platoon 4 will change with platoon 5.”



  1. You’ve been tagged for a random meme. Check our blog.

    And it’s your choice … to drink or not drink before responding. Or not.

  2. Oh there will be drinky… Or there already has been hence what I just posted.

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