Voter Fraud And Intimidation, Oh How Fun

Well there have already been reports of voter fraud and voter intimidation coming in.

In Philadelphia two members of the Black Panthers stationed themselves outside a polling station one of them had a billy club in his hands.  While they where finally removed by the police it’s not a good sign.

From Deroy Murdock of NRO I got this little nugget:

“GOP observers are calling in reports of multiple voting. People brazenly are coming in two or three times to vote,” he said, the exhaustion clear in his voice. “We may have an observer in one of every five or six precinct buildings, and they can see only so much. People are coming in where there are multiple registrations for the same address. Someone might say, ‘I’m Troy Jones at 123 Main Street,’ and then he’ll vote. Next, he will come back and say, ‘I’m Troy Jones, Jr. at 123 Main Street,’ then cast another ballot. Later on, a Troy Jones, Sr. registered at the same address gets to vote. This is why ACORN’s multiple registrations are such a problem.”

And this quote:

“People without proper ID are being allowed to vote. They are supposed to provide something like a utility bill. People who are not even properly registered to vote are being told, ‘Yeah. Go ahead. That’s close enough.’”

I swear I’m going to flip if McCain wins and the Democrats try to bring up the stollen election BS again.

Then there was the calls to many of the registered Republicans in Lancaster PA telling them the polling place was moved (it wasn’t).

More things from the TheKansasCitian.

Pontiac, MI – Republican poll watchers illegally tossed from Pontiac, Michigan polling locations. Reports are coming in that legal action is being taken to reinstate the poll watchers. [10]

Highland Park, NC – In Highland Park, North Carolina Obama supporters are shouting at and harassing voters. Poll managers are refusing to contain them and voters attempts to complain to the county election board have been unsuccessful. [11]

Cambridge, MA – Cambridge, Massachusetts polls accidentally used 2004 registration lists. The state’s Secretary of State has issued an apology. [12]

Well I guess ACORN is doing their job aren’t they…


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