Obama want’s to sell out out military

Look this might all sound nice to the peace loving people of the world but it sounds really good to the people who hate us.  Why they want us to disarm and let let our military stagnate.  Peace comes through strength and superior firepower not though disarmament.  Yeah he can talk all he wants to about a global ban on nukes but do you really think North Korea cares about a global ban?  Do you really think a global ban is even possible?  Jimmy Carter negotiated a treaty with North Korea behind Clinton’s back and then the Clinton administration signed it and Kim Jong-il went back on the treaty before the ink was dry. Did Saddam Hussein ever care about how many UN resolutions passed against him?  Do you think Iran is going to suddenly change their tune and start being nice or do you think they are going to see a sucker they can play?

Sure Obama gut the military it’s a good idea really it is.  Running the military is one of the most important parts of the government and one of their main duties of the President other then conducting foreign policy think about that.  Yes it’s fine if you don’t agree with the war that is your right to hold those ideals but to gut the military is just asinine.

Unless god hates us all I think you might want to ask for his help right about now….



  1. Although I understand your fear, my gut tells me that in order to trust, one must be trustworthy.

    There’s a chance that disarmament WILL eventually create peace on Earth. Sometimes called, Being The Bigger Man. You know, something Christ himself espoused–turning the other cheek.

    Your statement, “Peace come through strength and superior firepower not though disarmament,” is fear talking, and fear will only ever create more fear.


  2. Because people like Stalin and Hitler gave a crap about who was the bigger man, right? You are chasing a utopian vision of the world that cannot or will never exist. It’s not fear talking it’s the lessons from several thousand years of human history.

  3. Do you have no hope in humanity? No faith in goodness? Don’t you think we can and have learned from our mistakes? Do you really believe we are doomed to murder each other for all time?

    I’d rather “chase my utopian vision” than succumb to fear and hopelessness.

  4. The original definition of Utopia was a place that can never exist on earth. It was an unattainable ideal that could only exist in fantasy or in the heavens.

    Yes I have very little hope for large portions of humanity. Human nature cannot be stopped you will always have murder, war and hate. We can stop it to a point sometimes and do our best to lessen it when it can’t be stopped but it isn’t going to go away. People and the world itself can never and will never be perfect you cannot forget that.

  5. Well, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be better. I believe we can do better.

    Thanks for the exchange.


  6. You are welcome.

    I never said the world couldn’t do better but that doesn’t mean I’m going to trust foreign dictators to become nicer people because we let our guard down. The Soviet Union thought it was a good time to attack Afghanistan the last time we had a large scale gutting or our military. Dictators only understand one thing and that is power. If you look weak they will never repect you infact they laugh at you for being nice to them. That’s just how the world works.

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