Obama’s plan to destroy almost half of the nations power industry

Not only do we have to worry about the jobs lost but this will make all of our electricity bill much much higher.  And something tells me we won’t be allowed to build more nuclear plants to make up for this.




  1. I have proof that Homeland Security is not wanting to have Obama elected. What do I do with it . It is from Vice-Chairman Homeland Security Committee .
    Frank Marrazo

  2. Um well as long as it isn’t classified or fake give it to the media or start a blog and post it on the intenets….

    why would you ask me anyway?

  3. Ahh… yes, those price incentives that the ONE is going to use to alter our behavior. Just friggin’ wonderful. 1984 meet Brave New World.

    Time to buy more Delirium and ammo. (Oh, and the Delirium nocturnum’s not bad… just not quite as good as the tremens.)

  4. Well it’s late in the game so the Ammo is more important then finding new beer so I might go with the old standbys of Guinness and Red Stripe and Federal HydraShoks.

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