Obama’s going to save you just like he did for his own family.

Isn’t his bother one of the “little people” he cares so much about?

H/T Doctor Bulldog and Ronin



  1. Who Am I ?

    I’m intelligent.
    I’m gifted.
    I’m charismatic.
    I’m an eloquent speaker.
    I’m skillful and driven.
    I’m fair.
    I’m benevolent.
    I’m a politician.
    I’m seeking the highest office in the land.
    I come from humble beginnings.
    I represent the working class.
    I speak for the average citizen.
    I care about you.
    I know your pain.
    I know times are hard.
    I know you are fed-up with the current state of affairs.
    I know you’ve lost your sense of national pride.
    I know you feel cheated.
    I know you feel hopeless.
    I know you feel miserable.
    I know you feel unrepresented.
    I know you want change.
    I promise to work for you everyday.
    I promise to improve your life.
    I offer you inspiration.
    I offer you hope.
    I offer you change.

    Millions love me.
    Thousands attend my rallies.
    They love my speeches.
    Women sometimes faint when they hear me speak.
    I move them to tears.
    I appeal to the masses.
    I inspire them.
    I motivate them.
    I elevate them from their despair.
    I am greatly admired.
    I am eagerly followed.
    Some call me the “Messiah”.
    Some call me the “Savior”.
    I believe I am called by God Himself.
    All want me to be their leader.

    Who am I you ask?

    I Am Adolf Hitler.

    Let us not be fooled again by the “Cult of Personality”.
    “Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it”

    The methods of mass persuasion Obama is using are NOT new. The exact same tactics have been used by virtually every other tyrant in history when they were attempting to seize political power.
    These tactics are not simply a well thought out plan, they are instead literally dictated by the psychological makeup of men like Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Idi Amin, and Barack Hussein Obama.
    Of all the tyrants in history, Obama is perhaps the MOST dangerous of all by virtue of his use of the extensive and technologically advanced mass media which was not available in the past.

    To learn more about why Obama seems to be “repeating history”,
    Click the links below:




  2. Or Lenin, Stalin, Ho Chi Minh and Pol Pot. Pick your favorite.

    I get where you are coming from but lets not get into the Reductio ad Hitlerum arguments. There is more then enough about Obama we can go after without going down that road.

  3. Indeed, all those you listed are exactly alike. That’s the point. The similarities are not a coincidence, they are in fact literally dictated by the psychological condition itself.


    The “more than enough” you refer to is ALL directly linked to Obama’s psychological makeup. Many are focused on the elements of his actions/statements rather than examining what compells/motivates him. This leads to constant and diverse questioning on the many confusing aspects of his campaign and stated positions without ever really getting any answers. Once people become aware of what a Pathological Narcissist actually is, once they understand that a pathological narcissists every effort is literally dictated by their psychological condition, people can then easily recognize the true motives and tactics. Understanding the core reasons behind any given issue is always the best way to become fully informed and aware.

    In essence, we must know the source before we can understand the risks. Thanks for replying and allowing my post on your blog. I urge you and everyone to investigate the facts for yourselves so that you can make a fully informed decision on election day.


  4. I understand your point and it is valid however I usually prefer to look into actions rather then phycology since actions are know facts and you can definitively say this or that about action. Granted the motive can be up to debate but the action that took place can’t or should be. With phycology while there are patterns that can be looked at and explored it’s not always finite. Or rather I would say phycology is something to look at but not the first thing I would.

    I would say that Churchill and MacArthur were both narcissistic they both ended up being great leaders that did a lot of great things. They did also both have their moments of humbleness as well but on the whole I would say they where more of the former and much more often. You could also say that both of those men earned their egos through their action while Obama hasn’t.

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