The Weather Underground’s plans for gulags and mass murder

Well it’s only 25 million people killed and that isn’t really that big of a number if you consider how many people are on this planet right?

Taking July 1, 1970 as a reference point the estimated U.S. Population was around 205,052,174. So if you killed 25 million people that would be about 12% of the population (OK my math might be wrong here feel free to correct it).

Yes Ayers and his friends had been planning on killing at least 12% of the U.S. population after they overthrew the U.S. Government.  Now I know why I haven’t been able to get the song Holiday in Cambodia out of my head for weeks.  Only it goes something like “it’s a Holiday in America where you’ll do what you’re told…”

Well you get the point.

One Death Is A Tragedy; A Million Is A Statistic. -Joseph Stalin


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