Socialist is the new N-word and I’m not making this up!

A  columnist Lewis Diuguid with the Kansas City Star has claimed that McCain and Palin are being racist by calling Obama a socialist.  Yes I said Kansas City Star and not The Onion who by the way would have at least made this funny.

So wait calling someone a socialist is now a “Code Word” for black?  Wait so if I call someone a socialist it has nothing to do with Marxism it’s about race?   I hate to tell you Mr. Diuguid socialism is a political system/ideology not a race you twit.  Or you are saying is that all black people are socialists and since all black people are socialist it is therefor racist to use the term? Seriously though how ignorant do you have to be to think up this crap?  Code Words… Come the fuck on already we know you just make these “Code Words” up at the spur of the moment so you can call people racist to score cheep political points!  I guess it all comes down to telling a big lie enough times till people start to believe it.

So since I think Obama’s political platform is similar to Socialist and Marxist  theory I guess that make me a racist rather than someone who paid attention in a basic Political Science class in college?  You don’t even need to go to college since a junior high or high school Civics or Social Studies class would do.  You can agree or disagree with me on my opinion of Obama’s political views but calling me a racist is just moronic.  How about this why don’t we stop calling everyone racists every time people have a disagreement that way people might actually give a crap about real racism not this covert code word bullshit you make up all the time.  And if these random “Code Words” are the only thing left about race to complain about in this country I say we have done a good job of getting rid of racism now haven’t we?

Lastly Mr. Diuguid at what point in your life did you commit mental suicide, how did you do it and what are the warning signs so I can make sure to get people help if I see them?

I seriously hate it here…

For a fun commentary on this go to The Nose on Your Face.



  1. Maybe the Obama campaign could kindly provide us with a list of synonyms for “black”?

  2. Or someone could finally publish the Dictionary of Newspeak so we know what words we are allowed to say.

    I think Obama is Doubleplusungood. Does that work for everyone or is that Crimethink?

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