Don’t ask Obama a question or his supporters will go after you.

Poor Joe The Plumber he made the mistake of asking Obammers a hard question now all the little cultist are after him.  People in the Ohio government and the Police where caught looking into this man for what, asking a question of their little savior?

Helen Jones-Kelly the director of the Ohio Dept.of Job and Family Services and an Obama supporter had a check run on Joe after the debates for what she claimed was non-political reasons.  Right I’ll buy that one if you buy this bridge I got for sale.

Then there was Julie McConnell a Toledo Police Dept. records clerk that is now facing charges for an illegal search she did on Joe.  Hmm why would she do that I wonder?

I don’t know if anyone told these people that the book 1984 was supposed to be a work of fiction and a warning against totalitarianism not a guide book for better governmental practices.

H/T Little Green Footballs


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