Someone finally looked into Obama’s past and found gold!

It would seem like many of the things that should of come out during Obama’s vetting process during the primaries have been coming out now such as this little gem:

“Barack Obama’s boards gave tens of thousands to ACORN and more than $1 million to racially charged organizations, a study of tax returns shows.”

This can’t possibly be true just another hit piece by people who want to destroy the glorious destiny of the Obamesiah.  Quick someone remind the media that they are supposed to be Obama’s bitch.

“In 2001, when Obama was a part-time director of The Woods Fund of Chicago, it gave $75,000 to ACORN, the voter registration group now under investigation for voter fraud in 12 states.”

But remember he has no ties to them, and pay no attention to the fact he asked the justice department to go after the people who where investigating ACORN’s voter registration fraud rather then say worry about the fact that ACORN is being investigated in at least 12 states.  I guess we don’t want our friends to be busted for fraud since the feds might come looking into the shady donations to our campaign next.

“The Woods Fund also gave $6,000 to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, which Obama attended. The reason for the donation to the church is unclear — it is simply listed as “for special purposes” in the group’s IRS tax form.

He never heard the Reverend say nasty or racist things in church or elsewhere for that matter…

“It gave a further $60,000 to the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University, which was founded and run by Bernardine Dohrn”

But he has no connection to Dohrn or her husband both domestic terrorists and far left radicals.  Pay absolutely no attention to the fact that the Obama’s Dohrn and Ayers have had some for of personal or work relationship with one another since the 1980’s.  And he certainly did not start his run for the Illinois State Senate at Ayers house…

“$50,000 to the Small Schools Network — which was founded by Ayers and run by Michael Klonsky, a friend of Ayers’ and the former chairman of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), an offshoot of the 1960s radical group Students for a Democratic Society”

But he is not a Marxist and has no intention of wealth redistribution or whatever it’s called to make it sound nicer…

“$40,000 to the Arab American Action Network, which critics have accused of being anti-Semitic.”

And his ties to Rashid Khalidi do not exist either…

Did Obammers think he had the whole world so duped and the media so far in the tank for him that this stuff would never get out?  This list isn’t even half of it and god only knows what we don’t know about.

I liked Obama better when I just thought he was a wet behind the ears empty suit.  Now all I see is a typical Chicago style politician with a cult following, radical friends and a dubious past.


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