Angry Obama supporter carves “B” into victims face.

Usually this kind of pre-election violence is only seen in places like Zimbabwe or Berkeley.

“Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richard tells Channel 4 Action News that the victim was robbed at knifepoint on Wednesday night outside of a Citizens Bank near Liberty Avenue and Pearl Street just before 9 p.m.

Richard said the robber took $60 from the woman, then became angry when he saw a McCain bumper sticker on the victim’s car. The attacker then punched and kicked the victim, before using the knife to scratch the letter “B” into her face, Richard said.”

You got some good supporters there Obammers.  I know the Obama campaign had nothing to do with this but it does help make sense of why the Democrats are always trying to register felons to vote.  I wonder how many people will be roaming the streets with machetes on election night.  It’s the only thing left I guess since we already have attempts at large scale voter fraud all we really did need was a good dose of politically motivated violence.

Did someone forget to mention that America is not a Third World Country?  Well not yet anyway…

On a side note since I’m going to be in Pittsburgh the week of the election so it’s good to know my PA conceal/carry permit is still valid and nothing says “piss off” like a .40S&W HydraShok.

UPDATE: Before anyone tries to make a comment here and start yelling at me about this it was found out to be a hoax.  Yes the girl admitted to making it all up and is now facing  prosecution.  Eh what are you going to do…

There is also a report of  a Florida Republican HQ manager’s home getting shot at because of the McCain/Palin signs outside.  So is this more pre-election violence or is this also a hoax?  I don’t know I guess we will see what the police find out.


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