More race baiting from Obama’s fan club.

So the bullshit race baiting up in full swing recently so much so in fact I bet Jesse Jackson is making a ton of money off the royalties.  I usually like Slate it has some decent articles now and then but this latest one by Diane McWhorter “A Legacy of Resentment: Are McCain and Palin Wallace’s heirs?” is just one bit fat load of bullshit.    Really have you lost all semblance of reality to the point you are comparing George C. Wallace a Democrat (wait! what? that can’t be true…) and a hard core racist and segregationist (Democrats where racist segregationists?  Never!) to McCain and especially Palin?  Why yes in fact she is.  Come the fuck on.  Are you that afraid that your Messiah Obammers might not win the election that you have to try to put out this tripe?  Right so she doesn’t come right out and call Palin and McCain racist but we get the hint Diane.  Yes she is comparing non-racial tactics used by Wallace to say McCain and Palin are just like Wallace (hint, hint).  OK so you say Wallace populism style of politics is just like  McCain and Palin so when Obama does the same thing or at least tries to it’s somehow different?  Oh wait forgot you left that one out of it didn’t you.  This entire article is nothing but a bullshit hit piece by someone who is desperate to make sure Obammers wins and an underhanded smear of Palin and McCain.

At least the assholes who just come right out and call anyone who doesn’t support Obama a racist are at least being honest with how they feal.  While it’s stupid and ignorant at least they have the balls to come right out and say it.



  1. Did your parents have any children that lived ?

  2. No not one. They all died in a fire started by Dracula and Mr. T when they tried to take over the Sapporo Snow Festival in 1643 to try to rid the world of angry moose.

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