Open letter to John Murtha

Murtha Murtha Murtha some day you’re going to learn to keep your mouth shut.  Since falsely accusing Marines of war crimes wasn’t enough, now you call all of the people from Western Pennsylvania a bunch of racists.  But it is really nice to know that you backtracked from calling us all racist long enough to just call us all rednecks.  Gee thanks guy.  Fuck you!  You want to know the real reason many of us will not vote for Obama?   It’s because he is an empty suit with shady friends and warmed over Marxist rhetoric that can’t claim to have accomplished anything in his whole life that’s why!  Not because he is black you twit.  I’m from Pittsburgh so I think I know Western PA at least as well as you do.  Better even since I’m not out there telling lies and insulting them.  I know why you did it, I really do.  You did it because you wanted to hop on the bandwagon of calling anyone that doesn’t vote for the Messiah a racist because lord knows the only reason someone wouldn’t vote for Obama is because they must be a racist, not the fact they might disagree with him on policy matters or not think he is up to the job considering his fairly thin resume… Wait, does he even have one?.  How about this I’ll make a bet with you, just as many people if not more are going to vote for Obama just because he is black then vote for McCain because Obammers is black.  You want to take that bet?

Murtha Just in case you didn’t know this you just gave Bill Russell a good shot at throwing you out of office in a couple weeks since Bill isn’t lying about and insulting the people he wants to represent.  Granted I know that you claim he doesn’t know anything about the area since he spent most of his time away from it, but that’s because he was in the Army doing more then shooting off his mouth like an asshole.  Murtha I know you were in the Marines and good for you, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that you have spent so much time insulting Marines, when not calling us all racist and rednecks of course.  Using the fact you were a Marine for political points and then trashing them is despicable.  The only people on this planet that are allowed to make trash the Marines are the US Navy, and that’s just brotherly humor, you on the other hand do it to score political points with assholes.  I would say you should be ashamed of yourself but I doubt you know what the word shame means.

OK Murtha let me give you some advice.  If your running for office try to to insult your constituents.  Especially when you are an Incumbent during a time when congress has the lowest approval rating in history.  It’s just not a good idea.  In fact it’s the dumbest thing you could possibly do much like falsely accusing Marines of murder in the middle of a war, or say getting caught on tape trying to get a bigger bribe out of the Saudis and other douchebaggery.

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet Murtha, you sir, are an ass.

UPDATE:  you might have won that election round but you can still go fuck yourself and don’t ever call yourself a Marine again!


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