Visions of November 5th.

So maybe I might be paranoid and maybe just maybe a little off in the head at times but I at least can on occasion come out of my delusional fantasy world filled with Korean cinema, beer and Japanese punk bands to have time to be a little bit worried about the outcome of the next election.  Why you ask?  To tell you the truth I am worried both that the guy I’m voting for might not win and the fact that the guy I’m voting for might win.  Sounds funny doesn’t it?  I’m going to say it now I’m voting for McCain because while politicians are all bastards he is the less of the current lot with Palin being the only one on any of the tickets I don’t dislike.  I like Al Barr on some things but lets face it he isn’t going to win.  So yep like many others I just am going to vote for one of the bastards that have a chance of winning that I feal is a better choice among the two.  Yeah I wasn’t on board with McCain in the first place I really wasn’t.  I liked Alan Keyes and Fred Thompson followed by maybe Romney is OK I guess, but that didn’t pan out really well so here we are.

I already voted by absentee ballot and right now some young Obama operative at the Department of Elections is putting my ballot into the shredder.  OK I don’t know if that’s true or not but I will know if it goes missing since there are ways to make sure that you vote did get received by your local polling district.  It doesn’t mean it wasn’t changed by someone just that they got the thing.  If you want to know how do this most places have at least 1 Democrat and 1 Republican to work the polling stations to try ensure a fair election by basically keeping an eye on the other side for voter fraud and other silliness.  Make friends with this person and get them to check to make sure your absentee ballot was received and have them shoot you an email or a phone call latter on if it was received.  There should be a list in every polling station that has the names of people who where sent an absentee ballot and your name should be checked off it it was received or not.  Don’t believe me in the primaries I had been sent one but ended up being back in town for the election so voted in person and my name was on the list so they had o verify that I hadn’t sent in an absentee ballot and was trying to vote again.  I didn’t so it all worked out.  If you are going to vote in person always make sure to bring your voter registration card just in case yours somehow “gets lost” at the polling station so you can still vote.  Really though lets get on with the story kids.

Why do I have a problem with McCain losing? Well because I think Obammers would make a terrible president and I think he’s a Marxist.  He might not think of himself that way but his voting record, the things he says and the “friends” he has leads me to belive he is one.  Further more Obammers has done nothing in his whole life that would make it look like he was qualified to do anything other then sell used cars or be a cult leader let alone be President.  Now Obammers friends in ACORN and others are busy with their election fraud fun such as forcing the mentally challenged to vote for Obama and fake voter registrations and the always popular dead vote.  Chicago is known for election fraud but now that one of “Daley’s Own” is going out to be President it looks like we are going to have a Cook County style election on the national level. Now granted Obama is ahead in the polls right now but the that doesn’t really mean much since polls are often wrong even when they at least get the winner right the numbers are usually off by 5-15 points.  The only thing that really matters is votes counted on election day.  The problem is who’s votes are getting counted.  If you believe there was some shenanigans going on with your vote I’d recommend you file a report about it.                

Now why do I worry about McCain winning?  Well lets face it this election is so high strung especially for the Democrats and the left wing that I can only see a repeat of the 2000 election if Obammers loses only much much worse.  Not only with whole crap about a “stollen election” thing coming back with the quickness there is the racial element involved.  God help us all.  So if Obammers loses not only will we have to hear howls about voter fraud by many of the people who are currently looking away from the voter fraud in their own party if not helping with it, but we all get to be called racists for not letting a black man be president.  Dr. King talked about being judged on the content of your character not the color of your skin.  And to paraphrase John McWhorter if Obammers loses maybe it’s because people thought that Obama’s character wasn’t as good as McCain not that America is some racist hell hole.  Plus before you start calling people racist for not voting for Obama try to look at the people who are voting for him only because of his skin tone and not because of his policies and ask yourself if that’s any less racist.  I’ll give you a hint it’s not!  Obama occasionally talks like he is a moderate but his voting record and much or his record says that he is anything but a moderate.  A large portion of the voting public are in the middle politically and in many cases would be less likely to vote for him because of this not because he is black.  Just as even some people in the middle will vote for him because they prefer him over McCain.  That’s how elections work.  To accuse the whole of America of being racist if Obama does not win is unfair and untruthful.

Will there be rioting?  While I hope not and I really don’t want to think about that this is going to start the Second American Revolution or a race war it might be. So be prepared.  If something does start it’s going to be caused by a small group of people hard core radicals and their useful idiots to start rioting and encouraging such along with a mix militant black nationalists using easily duped and angry ghetto kids.  Turn up the rage and let things go out of control.  Protests can quickly get out of control such as the 68 Democratic convention where a small segment of SDS members where able to set off a chain of events that led to large scale rioting. The SDS being the place where Ayers got his start before him and some other members of SDS left because they didn’t think SDS was radical enough.  The same could be said in the Los Angeles riots where anger and resentment fed into the problem.  One spark can start a fire.

I am not saying every black person in America is going to go out and start rioting because Obama loses.  It wouldn’t happen and most people should understand that.  Most black people are the same middle class people you are and are not going to start a riot over something as silly as an election.  What I am saying is people with agendas are going to try to whip up support among the segments of the population they can easily dup into things.  Find a bunch of angry kids from the ghetto and build them up on hate and resentment and racial separatism something that has already been going on for years and then see if you can light a match.

It’s the same thing for the radicals.  They find a bunch of angry kids they can control and send them out to start shit.  Organizations like ANSWER and BAMN and ACORN have been pulling kids strings for years and encouraging things like “direct action” otherwise known as trying to start riots.  Now you have angry and nieve kids all over the place just waiting for something to happen.  Large cities and college towns could explode just like the did in the 60’s and early 70’s.  This violence could spread like wildfire causing other people to get involved in one way or another.  All you need is a couple deaths and only god knows where it’s going to go.  Plus you already have people like MS-13 who are already on a little ethnic cleansing spree in the inner city so this could further the problem when they use this as an excuse to start shooting more people then they already are.  To wrap it all up in more happiness there are still the KKK assholes out there who may get into the fun and you have a recipe for a serious problem.

To further the problem you have a large portion of the public annoyed and upset with all sides of the political divide.  The governments approval rating is only in the double digits because the first number is a 1.  The people are angry and disillusioned  with out leaders, what happens when someone lights the match.  You get a Second American Revolution.  The Federal government has been chipping away our constitutional rights for so long that I am amazed we even still have rights.  Add that to the fact that most people have never read the constitution in it entirety and that they have no idea what their rights really are.  We all might have a problem.      

All sounds like fun right?  Look I’m not just trying to be a paranoid fear monger here. Just because something could happen doesn’t mean it will. I am simply stating some ideas and trying to plan for the future.  I don’t know the future and I hope nothing does happen, but if a race war did break out I can tell you this I’m not going to take sides.  Fuck all of you!   I’m just going to shoot anyone I don’t know who comes to my house.  If it’s another Revolution I don’t know what I’m going to do.  Maybe since my passport is still valid I think I might take a trip someplace nice and watch the U.S. burn from a couple thousand miles away.   What I really want is a do-over for the whole election thing.  Lets start at the primaries and redo the whole thing maybe we will get a better result this time.

I don’t know what will happen and all I do know is that it might get interesting and I don’t know if I want to be around when it does. This could all just be bullshit and the threats of violence are just spreading on the internets because there are nothing better then wild rumors and people like to spread because they are crazy or they think it’s fun.  In reality though I don’t know if I really care who wins since I’m already moving back to Japan and out of this country in a couple months so I might miss most of the fun (yes I am eligible to vote legally in the U.S. before someone asks).

I hate it here.

For different view on this I give you jediwill1974 with his video on possible rioting.


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